Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Dear One,
    My children are called to extend mercy, not judgment.  Jesus said that the merciful will obtain mercy and the judgmental people will obtain judgment.  Those are the only two attitudes that He specifically said will return like attitudes to boomerang back to you.  The reason for that truth is that mercy is from My family and judgment is from the devil's family.  Whatever you sow into the earth will activate whichever kingdom to which it belongs.  Mercy from you activates My family to bring blessings into your life and judgment activates the devil's family to bring curses into your life. (Matthew 5:7; Matthew 7:1-2)
    It is the duty, obligation and should be the pleasure of all My children to extend love and mercy to lawbreakers, whether religious or civil lawbreakers.  My Holy Spirit said through Paul that all have sinned and come short of My glory so no one should judge others or they will sow seeds of judgment into the garden of satan and he will delight in judging that person for judging others. The devil is in the judging business.  (Romans 3:23-24)  My Spirit was telling you that you have also yielded to the temptations of the devil in some areas so you have no right to judge anyone for doing the same thing in another area.  Because you know that you are forgiven, you need to forgive just as you are forgiven.  (Matthew 6:12)
     The problem is that My children are still of the mindset from the laws of the old covenant which were given to alert My people to the temptations of the devil so that they could avoid obeying those temptations.  What the devil did is that he used those commandments to tempt My people into judging and condemning others instead using the commandment to identify the devil's works so that they would be avoided by themselves.   The devil uses My commandments in order to tempt people to judge other people for not obeying My words which were never meant to condemn anyone. (Romans 7:8-14)
     As I said, the devil kills two birds with one stone.  He tempts someone to yield to the devil's sinful nature, then he tempts you to judge that person, trapping both of you into his kingdom of sin and death.  Then he has delight in dealing out his curses on both of you.  My antidote for all of it is for you to always forgive other people for falling for the temptation of the devil to do his works in the earth instead of your judging the person.  Your obligation, as My child, is to forgive instead of judge. The basis of that truth is that I have forgiven you so you are obligated to forgive others.  (John 20:21-23)
     My Holy Spirit said that you have no excuse if you pass judgment on someone  because whatever point you judge the other person, you condemn yourself because you pass judgment on someone else when you are obeying the temptation of the devil to judge the other person.  (Romans 2:1-4)
    This is not a game where My children choose sides in different denominations, teaching that they are better than other people because they do not practice the sins that people in other sects do.  My kingdom is My family of love where My children are commissioned to forgive the sins of others in the world so that the devil's powers will be thwarted and he is not able to pour curses upon people because of their yielding to his temptations to break religious or civil laws and yielding to his temptation to judge others.  When you forgive everyone instead of judging them, you rob satan of his power in the life of the people.  When you judge anyone, you multiply satan's power in the life of the person and in the world.
    As My child you must spread love and forgiveness in your world so that you will enjoy the blessings that come from your relationship with Me.
    Listen to My Holy Spirit when He said that you have no excuse for judging others.  When you do judge others, you sign yourself up for the curses of satan to enter into your life.  Jesus died so that you would forgive others instead of judging others.  He died so that no one would not be judged so you must die to the temptation to judge others.  Refuse to judge other people and you experience the joy of being known as My child, the inheritor of My blessings.
     Your Nonjudgmental Father

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