Friday, July 22, 2016


Dear One,
     In My teachings to you through Jesus I covered everything relating to living a long, happy, abundant life in the earth.  One of the most misunderstood instructions through Him is that you should not resist evil when it comes at you through another person.  I said that if someone should sue you that you must give the person more than is asked of you.  I said if someone sues you and asks for your coat that you should give the person your cloak also. (Matthew 5:38-42) In doing that, you not only keep peace with the person but you sow seeds of peace in the earth.  The person will know that you have not wanted to cheat him or her but you have wanted to be more generous than is required, just like your Heavenly Father in heaven is generous with you. 
     When you give more than is required of you, you are saying that keeping peace is more important than cloaks or lands or money, exactly what I said when I said for you not to build up treasures for yourself in the earth but to build treasures in heaven, this principle of truth being that you will have the glorious treasure of peace in your heart and in your life.  (Matthew 6:19-24) In giving more than is required of you, you are saying that you know, as My child, that your mission in the earth is to always keep peace' and in doing that, that you are identified as My child.  You are saying that you are not serving Me and mammon at the same time.  I said that it is impossible to be loyal to two things at the same time.  So if you give more than is required of you to someone who sues you, you have shown that peace is more important than money or lands or cloaks.  Seeking peace in everything is My desire for My children.  If you resist evil and keep resisting evil when being sued, you are in for a lifetime of conflict with the person who sues you.  He or she will want to take all that you have because you have angered him or her.  Your life is shortened, your health is cursed and you have given up your mental stability of peace for mere mammon if you do not settle the dispute and offer more than is required.
     If you resist settling generously with someone who sues you, there is a big chance that you will lose it all in a court of law.  If you settle and offer more than is required, you have kept peace and kept some of your assets. 
      In that same exhortation, Jesus said that if someone with evil intentions forces that you go a mile with him that you should not refuse, which would be resisting evil. Think of it in this scenario: if someone takes your vehicle and forces that you go with him or her for a mile, if you will go willingly with him for more miles, you are more likely to be let go unharmed than if you had resisted and refused to go when you were forced.  When someone with evil intents forces you to go along, his or her intent is to escape.  If you resist, then the person with evil intents is more likely to kill you than release you because you are impeding his escape.  But If you go willingly, then there is more likely the chance that the person with evil intents will see the humanity in you and not kill you.  If you resist hysterically, you have increased the likelihood that you will be killed.  By keeping peace with the person, you have sown peace in the situation and the person with evil intent is more likely to let you go.  Behind the earthly scenes, if you keep peace, then I can work My miracles in seeing that you are released. 
      This is an important standard, the standard of keeping peace with everyone.  In keeping peace, no matter what is involved, then you will emerge from a trying  situation with peace in your heart and the knowledge that there is peace between you and your previous enemy.  You have made a friend who sees that peace is important to you because you are My child.  You have peace in your mind, your soul, and you will prosper and be in health because your soul is prospering.(III John 1:2)
       Remember that Jesus did not teach just to be talking.  Every word from His mouth is important because they are My words, and you must make every word important to you for your life in the earth to be conflict free and for there to be peace in your heart and in your life.
       My words are always opposite to the passions and temptations of the devil in your flesh.  The devil wants you to protect yourself by striking back at someone, resisting someone or opposing someone because if you do what he tempts you to do, then your life will be shortened or you will live a life in conflict with others, having no peace in your life.  Jesus came to earth so that you would have the abundant life that I promised to My children.  Every word that He spoke is important.  Pay heed to My words through Him and live a peaceful life.
        Jesus was known as the Prince of Peace even before He was born into the earth.  He knows how to keep peace.  Follow His lead, being led by My Spirit, and you will be led to keep peace with everyone. (Romans 8:14)
       Your Attentive, Instructive Father  

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