Sunday, July 31, 2016


Dear One,
    My Son Jesus taught great truths relating to you and your life on earth, how to avoid evil, and He also taught that if evil things do come upon you that His teachings and admonitions will show you how to be victorious over every trial or tribulation brought by the devil.  His emphatic words to you are that you must not only hear them, but you should do them in order to be victorious. 
    What happens very often is that My children forget My instructions through Jesus and when someone opposes them, hurts them or persecutes them, they react like the old fleshly man used to react.  They return evil for evil in order to get vengeance over someone.  Though they know how I tutored them to act, they resurrect the old, vengeful man in them and forget My instructions.  That is why Jesus taught that you should follow My instructions.  His promise to you is that if you hear My words and do them, that when storms and floods come and winds beat upon your house, that if you react the way that Jesus taught you to react, your house that is on solid foundation of My instructions will not fall but it will withstand anything that comes against you.  (Matthew 7:24-25)  He cautioned the casual children of mine who only hear My words but do not do them, that when the rains, storms and floods come and the winds beat against their houses, that their houses will crumble and fall into the flooding waters.  Jesus said that the fall will be great.  (Matthew 7:26-27)
    Remember that our sessions on standards relate to My promise that when the devil comes in like a flood that I will raise a standard against him.  Jesus taught about all of the standards for you to use relating to the strategies of the devil, all of his plans for your destruction.  When you are convinced that Jesus knew every wise word of what He spoke, you will never return evil for evil, but you will always raise My standard up in you and return good for evil.  If you return evil for evil instead of raising My standard of doing good to someone who does evil to you, your house is on the way down the flooding currents. 
    Jesus spoke about My standard of turning the other cheek.  If you strike back when stricken instead of turning the other cheek, the fight is on and you will pay the full price of your house being on the way down in the waters of the flood.  If you mentally digest the words of the Pharisees and the Sadducees instead of refusing to listen to them as My standard admonishes you, you will begin to fear everything and end up speaking and acting like them and your mental, emotional and spiritual house will be floating down the flooding river because you have joined with the devil's family.  If you do not raise My standard and make peace with your accuser in a court battle or a neighborhood squabble, you are in danger of the judge taking all that you have and you are left with nothing as your house floats down the flooding waters.  
    When you intimately know Me, you know that My Son Jesus spoke wisdom, insight and truth.  You know that My ways are always successful and for your good.  You will not only know My ways of raising up My standards in you in stressful, toxic, destructive situations with people. but you will do what I told you because you trust Me to make you ride on angel wings instead of floating down the river of destruction.
    People who heard these admonitions from the mouth of Jesus were so astonished that they said He taught as someone who had authority.  (Matthew 7:28)  You must remember the houses floating down the flood waters the next time you are tempted by the devil to judge someone.  You must raise My standard of forgiveness and forgive the person, just like I do.  You do it because you honor and trust My authority.  (Matthew 7:1-2)
    Do you believe that My words are words of authority, and that I know what I am talking about?  If so, then you will take My advice, always raising My standards in you of love.  When you do, My angels are there with My rewards for you because you have been victorious over evil and you are identified as My child. (Hebrews 11:6)
    Your Father of Rewards             

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