Sunday, July 3, 2016


Dear One,
    We talked about the fact that My promises to My children are always accompanied by instructions on what you can do to exacerbate the fulfillment of My promises.  You cannot do evil works in the earth and expect Me to be able to fulfill My promises to you.  I said that you cannot serve both the devil and Me.  (Matthew 6:22-23)  In every teaching of Jesus, His instructions relate to how you treat other people.  First He taught who will be blessed when they follow My advice, those being the meek, the sowers of peace, the ones who seek My righteousness, the humble or poor in spirit, the people who are persecuted for righteous actions and  the pure in heart.
    Immediately following the proclamation by Jesus on who will be blessed, He started His dissertation about righteous actions which are possible with the power of My Spirit in your life.  He said anyone who breaks any of His admonitions given to them will be least in His kingdom but those who practice them will be greatest in His kingdom.  What a wonderful and exciting admonition He gave, that all you have to do is follow His instructions and you will be great in His kingdom, inheriting all of My blessings.  John the Baptist merely said that people should repent and be baptized and they would be saved from the forces of evil in the world.  Jesus took that promise and expounded on it, teaching how to repent, knowing that to repent means to go the other way, to change courses. 
    Being empowered by My Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, Jesus said that the old commandment not to kill did not include everything that I wanted to teach people.  He expounded on it and said that if a person is angry or harbors malice toward  another person or calls someone a fool, that the angry, malicious, insulting person will be in danger of hell ministering to his life.  In other words, because of joining with the devil's family you will reap evil from the family of the devil as a result of your union with evil.  Jesus said while being angry, malicious or insulting, that My children should not expect to receive My blessings when they are praying at the altar, so they should leave and make peace with anyone who has a grievance against them.  He said to always seek peace with everyone or you will be put in a prison of strife by the devil and not be released until you have paid the full price. 
    If you will notice, Jesus did not say that if you are wrong in the disagreement that you should make peace with your enemy.  He didn't say if you are right that you should make peace.  He said for you to make peace with anyone who opposes you or whom you oppose.  Right or wrong makes no difference.  Keeping peace is the desired effect so that My kingdom benefits of blessings can begin to be present in your life instead of the devil's curses that always accompany strife. (Galatians 5:19-26)
     Jesus taught many other things relating to being blessed by Me.  Then he explained that people know how to give good gifts to their children and so much more will I give good gifts to My children who ask.  Then He put the clincher on the proclamation when He said in everything that you do, do to others what you desire them to do to you. for that sums up all of the words of Jesus and the words of the prophets. (Matthew 7:11-12)
   There is a spiritual reaction to every reaction in the earth.  If you are following My teachings on how to treat other people, you open the pathway from My heaven to you upon which My magnificent blessings flow.
    Citizenship is important.  Make sure your citizenship is in My kingdom and make sure that the actions of your true citizenship in My kingdom are to keep peace with everyone, sowing love into their lives.  When you do, your blessings flow from heaven like the waters cover the sea.
    Your Loving, Promise Keeping Father 

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