Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Dear One,
    In His first class that He taught to My children on how to avoid the traps set by the devil, how for you to take control over tempting thoughts that come from hell, Jesus said that the old command not to commit adultery did not adequately do what I intended it to do.  I intended for all of the old commands to identify the works of evil in the earth so that My children can refuse the temptations through which evil can enter into your thoughts, then your attitudes, then your actions, which will curse your life. 
    Jesus amplified the warning about adultery by identifying the demon behind the temptation to commit adultery which is lust.  He warned that if a person allows lust to enter into his or her mind instead of rejecting the thoughts, that that person has already committed adultery in his or her heart.  When the image of a lustful act is formed in the human mind, then it has already been committed because it is an image of what the demon of lust wants to do. 
    Jesus taught the proper way to handle any lustful thought which comes into your mind, which is pluck it out and cast it away.  You must set up a barricade in your mind which will not allow lustful thoughts to enter or there is a danger that your whole body will be thrown into hell by the devil. He will tempt you with the wiles of lust until you succumb to his temptations and commit adultery which will destroy your marriage, your family and your relationships.  You will lose everything that is precious to you.  Yielding to the lust and entering into sexual unity with someone other than your committed partner will not be worth the effects that adultery will have upon you and your family. Multiple families will be affected forever.  (Matthew 5:27-28)
     My wisdom to My children through Jesus is that if your hand offends you by sexually harassing someone because of the demon of lust, it would be better to cut it off and throw it away.  It is better to cut off that temptation at the beginning of the lustful thought and throw it away, refusing to yield to it.  (Matthew 5:29-30)Contrarily, if you yield to the demon of lust and touch someone inappropriately with your hand, you will be caught and you will be accused, arrested, charged and your punishment will be hell on earth, just exactly what the devil planned when he gave you the lustful thought. Evil will win in that situation.  You yielded to the lustful thought because you thought it was your secret thought, but it wasn't.  It was a temptation from hell, put in your mind to cause you to join in with the family of hell and inherit its destruction and death.
     This admonition was not given to condemn or judge anyone for committing adultery.  It was given by Me through Jesus to identify the demonic spirit that is behind all adultery and it is the demon of lust.  There can also be a lust for money which ends up with the same end of destruction and death if a person robs from anyone, either with a weapon or using greedy business dealings.  They will be caught, arrested and imprisoned until they have paid the full price, causing the devil to celebrate another victory for his family from hell. 
     The same is true of lust for power and control over other people.  Those temptations come to everyone who walks the earth, to the wealthy and to the poor.  The poor man, because of his frustration of failures will be tempted to take control over his wife, beating her, claiming that she is the reason for his failures.  He is deceived by the demon of lust which entices him to take revenge for his failures on the innocent ones, his family.  The demon of lust for power and control in the wealthy will yield to temptations to cheat and rob from the poor in order for him or her to have more and more power and control over people.  When that happens, the devil wins again, having a celebration in hell for his success in gaining control over more and more people through that one person.
    The demons of lust are rampant in the earth, in public communication, in churches, in businesses, in corporations, in books, in commercials, in conversations and in jokes.  Unfortunately, the demon of lust has gained respect and honor even from My children.  When a marriage goes sour the first thing that a counselor asks is, "How is your sex life?"  That comment says that the prime basis of a sound marriage is sexual desires.  That is so in error with my ways.  A healthy sexual relationship is the result of a glorious selfless love for one another.  It is not the sound elementary basis of the relationship.
    Jesus told you to cut off and cast away every lustful thought or you will be yielding to the demonic forces that are waiting to introduce you to hell on earth.  They are called fleshly passions by My apostles. 
     You must learn to recognize your enemy when he comes calling in your thoughts, which is every minute of the day.  Do what Jesus said to do and avoid having hell on earth.  Recognize lustful thoughts of any kind, arrest them and cast them into hell before they do the same to you, making your life a living hell on earth.
     Your Father of Cautious Warnings            

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