Thursday, July 28, 2016


Dear One,
    In instructing My children on the subject of fasting, I told you through Jesus that when you fast that you should not put on a sad face, looking dismal in order that people will see that you are fasting and think that you are really pious and holy.  I said to do the opposite, to anoint your head, wash your face and go your merry way.  Jesus said that your Heavenly Father sees you in secret and will reward you.  Fasting to be seen by people in order to prove your spirituality has no reward.  That is what the hypocrites do.  (Matthew 6;16-18)
     I spoke to the pious who love fasting through Isaiah when I outlined the fasts that I honor and reward and the ones that I do not honor.  I told the people through Isaiah that they fast for their own person gain, to be seen by people, and that they fight and quarrel during their fasts which separate them from Me.  I said that fasting in that way does not make your requests known by Me.  I said to humble yourself before only Me.  (Isaiah 58:5)
     I even outlined the fasts that I choose for you.  I said to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the evil yokes from yourself, to let the oppressed to free and to break every evil yoke.  (Isaiah 58:6)  I meant to fast keeping people in bondage to yourself by your ill temper and controlling attitudes.
     I said My fast for you is that you share your bread with the hungry, to bring the homeless into your homes, to cloth the naked, and to be a guide to your own family.  (Isaiah 58:7)  I promised that when you fast being stingy, greedy and judgmental of the poor that I will make your light shine before people, that you will be healed speedily, your righteousness will go before you and My glory will guard you from behind.  I promised that you will call and I will answer, that you will say "Here I am," and I will see you.  (Isaiah 58:9)
      Then I said that you must also fast judging others by pointing your finger at them in scorn and speaking wickedness about people.  I said if you feed the hungry, satisfy the desires of the afflicted, then your light will shine in the darkness and I will guide you continually and satisfy you with good things.(Isaiah 58:10-11) A reward will be that your bones will be strong and you will be like a watered garden. 
      I promised that if you fast the evil temptations of the devil to oppress people, enslave people, be prejudiced toward people, judge people and withhold your blessings from the needy that your own generational curses will disappear and you will become a repairer of breeches, the restorer of all things. (Isaiah 58:12)
      I also promised that if you will seek Me and My ways instead of devising your own plans and then asking Me to bless them, that you will delight in Me because you have found that the majesty is Mine and not your frail human knowledge. (Isaiah 58:13)
      If you fast what I ask you to fast, then I make you to ride upon the heights of the earth and you will receive your full inheritance that Jesus said is already yours. (Isaiah 58:14; Matthew 6:33) 
      My teachings through Jesus mirror the prophesies of Isaiah.  Isaiah knew that I am not impressed by religious practices but I am thrilled by your kindness and goodness toward My other children. When you fast selfishness, then you are resisting the devil.
     Religious practices only glorify religious institutions.  When My instructional words are followed, then My kingdom will become real in your life.  I teach you how to resist evil, refuse evil and get rid of evil.  I teach you how to love the unloved and make peace with the those who sow conflict.  
     I created your world.  I know how to restore it back to My glory by making you My image in the world.
     Your Father of All Wisdom    

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