Thursday, July 21, 2016


Dear One,
     While He was in the earth, Jesus Christ was the perfect standard, the perfect example and the perfect model of My character.  It was the presence of My Holy Spirit in Him that gave Him the ability to be My image in the earth.  He is the One through whom I gave My wisdom to My children which was written into My Instruction Book and is revealed by My Holy Spirit to those of My children who seek Me for My insight and knowledge.  He said that none of His words would pass away in importance but they are always pertinent to your life and the lives of all of My children. (Matthew 25:35)
     One of His standards of character which must be replicated in My children is the standard of turning the other cheek when someone strikes you with bad
attitudes, words or actions.  It is not being a sissy or a coward to walk away from destruction and danger when someone offends you.  It is being righteous and brave because you know that when you return blows for blows that you are multiplying evil in the world instead of diffusing evil by returning good for evil, just like Jesus said to do. 
      Jesus knew what He was talking about.  He endured accusatory, threatening words from the scribes, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the soldiers and the rulers, never returning evil for evil.  He turned the other cheek and then walked away from the presence of evil or He would not have been able to complete His ministry in the earth.   On the way to His resurrection He turned the other cheek, refusing to defend Himself because He knew that it was the devil who was opposing Him, not human beings.  He knew His enemy, the devil, which He was eventually going to defeat in hell by taking back from the devil the authority the devil had been given by Adam to do evil works in the earth.  He knew that in sending My Holy Spirit to live in My children who seek Me that the real enemy would be defeated by My Holy Spirit's presence in My children, those enemies being the demons who had been dispensed in the earth by satan at the beginning of the earth at Adam's disobedience.  (Mark16:17)
      The most beautiful sight in heaven is when My children turn their backs to the demons behind the human beings who are insulting them, opposing them, bullying them, or injuring them. When you walk away from evil, refusing to return evil for evil done to you, then the bully is left holding the bag, looking silly and powerless because his scheme didn't work, the scheme to flood the earth with evil through you.  You don't fall for the devil's plan and the demon and the person are left with nothing to further the evil.  It's like you dumped cold water on the head of the devil.  Then if you do good to the person, blessing him or her and praying for him or her, the demon is certainly powerless because it couldn't get you to fall for his temptation.
     The standard of Jesus is to never make flesh and blood your enemy, but to always know that it is the devil behind the scenes in the spiritual dimension who is your enemy.  If you strike back at a person, you are only shadow boxing because flesh and blood are not your enemy.  (Ephesians 6:10-12) Your enemy is invisible to human eyes.
     I am looking for My standards in the earth, children of Mine who will exemplify My character of sharing My love and keeping peace in the earth.  Walking away from offensive behavior toward you and turning the other cheek are paramount to being known as My child.  (Matthew 5:9)   When you are identified in the heavens as My child you will begin receiving your full inheritance of the abundant life.
     As Christ is in the heavens, so must you be in the earth.
    Your Peace Keeping Father

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