Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Dear One,
    Every word that comes from My mouth is filled with power, power to change you, power to change circumstances, power to change situations, power to change your family, power to change your finances, power to change relationships, power to change problems by speaking solutions, and power to change lives from being cursed to being blessed. (Hebrews 4:12-13) That truth is hard for My children to believe because of the casual attitude with which they speak their own idle words. (Matthew 12:35-36)  You do not immediately see the results of either your positive words or your negative words in the lives of people.  For the sake of levity My children often speak words that bring devastation into the lives of others and into their own lives, often just to be clever or comical. The temporary laughs are not worth cursing your own future and the futures of others.
    I teach you emphatically about the power of your own words because I want you to always inherit My wonderful blessings for you, blessings that I set aside for all of My children from the foundation of the world.  I want you to collect your rightful inheritance of blessings.  Jesus died so that you would be able to receive every relationship, financial, mental, physical and peaceful benefit that lies in wait for you to collect.  I even tell you in My written words, My Instruction Book called the Bible, exactly how to collect every facet of your blessings.  It all starts with always speaking kind, merciful, good and edifying words that bring peace and comfort to the hearers.  (Romans 14:17-19; Ephesians 4:29-32)
    My children marvel that I said that what you withhold from My other children who have, through spiritual blindness, inherited less of My blessings than others have, that you withhold the same from Me. (Matthew 25:42-45)  In saying those words, Jesus was clear in His instructions to you.  He was ministering to the poor, the sick, the widows and orphans and the demon possessed.  He said if you withhold anything from the people in need that you withhold the same from Me, whether money, affirmation, validation, water or food.  So your words to other people are of vital importance just like My words to you are of vital importance.
     Words are the capsules that carry blessings or curses to others and to yourself.  Do not let bitter, evil, demeaning, angry, wrathful, vengeful words come out of your mouth to anyone, most of all your family members, but I emphasized not to speak them to anyone.  I said that speaking negative words causes My Spirit to grieve.  He and I grieve because We see that you are cutting off the pathway from My blessings to you and to the person whom you cursed with negative words.  I intend for you to share My blessing words that edify, build up and bring grace to the hearer.  In speaking positive words to others you elevate them above the negativity that is in the world.  You save them from the evil that is in the world when you speak edifying words.  You curse them with the devil's curses when you speak negative, bitter, evil, demeaning, fearful words.
    It is with My words that I created the world.  It is still by My words that I bless the world.  It is with the devil's negative words from your mouth that you curse your world.  Which kingdom do you want to spread in the world, My kingdom of love or the devil's kingdom of fear and hate?   You will reap either blessings or curses, depending upon from which family values you speak.
    My words are always uplifting and edifying. Make your words always uplifting and edifying because you are My child. (John 6:63)
    Your Father of Living Words

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