Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Dear One,
    People give testimonial dinners for someone they admire.  People come to the events to give tribute to the person who is being honored.  They speak personal testimonies of the person's goodness, the person's graciousness, the person's kindness, the person's goodness, the person's generosity,  the person's love, the person's humor, and other wonderful attributes about the honored guest.  No one talks about anything negative about the personality of the honored person.  It is a time for attributes to be mentioned.
     Jesus talked about the testimonies relating to Him and His works.  He said that He, Himself, did not testify about His own works, but that other people told about the miracles, the deliverances, the healing of the sick, the wise and encouraging teaching, the love and peace that drew others to Him.  The people who had been freed from diseases, demonic spirits, depression, slavery to human passions and freedom from religious laws were the people who told testimonies about My goodness and thus drew crowds to hear Jesus and His positive message. It was exhilarating for them to hear that He came to earth to give them them life more abundantly than they previously had.  When someone left his meetings freed from diseases, they told other people and those people flocked to Jesus because they wanted to be freed also.  So it was through the testimonies of the people who had shared in the power of the Holy Spirit that was present in Jesus that did the work, the testimonies drew people to hear the enlightening, positive messages spoken by Jesus.  Then Jesus gave credit to Me for doing the work.  (John 5:30-34)
     It is the same today.  It is testimonies about what I have done in your life that draws people to Me.  What I did thousands of years ago is only theory unless there are current testimonies relating to My work in your life and the lives of My other children.  Those are living testimonies.  (Romans 10:13-18)  Those are what draws other people to Me or, as My Spirit wrote to the Romans, how can they even be saved if they have not heard how you were saved from destruction, diseases, enslaving passions and even death?  Even living, fresh, current testimonies from your mouth about what I did for someone else will also draw people to Me for My help.  As I told you years ago, "Let Me do something for you and you will have a living testimony.  Then I will bring people to you individually to hear your testimony of My power.  Then those people will also believe."
     It is said that it is by the blood of the Lamb and the power of your testimony that you will saved from evil. (Revelations 12:11)   What I have done in your life, freeing you from the works of the devil, are permanently engraved on your heart and in your mind.  They are My one-on-one evidence to you that I am still alive, well, powerful against evil, and eager to meet your needs and the needs of other people.  You have overcome negative thoughts and demonic mental temptations which tell you to doubt Me and doubt My written words,and the way that you overcame those negative thoughts of doubt were overcome when you followed My guidance and went over again and again in your mind the fresh, active, current and living testimonies of what I had previously done in your life.  You overcame unbelief by the works of My Spirit in your life (the blood of the Lamb) and the words of those previous powerful testimonies, even to yourself.  Those same testimonies do the same powerful works in the lives of other people who are struggling with unbelief and doubt.  People who are faithless need to hear your testimonies also, as My Spirit said through Paul, so that they can believe.
     Like I said, how will they believe unless they hear testimonies of My goodness?  How will people believe in My loving kindness unless they hear your testimonies and the testimonies of My other children about how My loving kindness saved them from the destruction of evil?  I didn't say that people overcome only by the teaching that My Holy Spirit might do something glorious in the lives of people.  I said overcoming also comes by the words of My Holy Spirit and the words of your testimony, your living, breathing, current, powerful testimony about what I have done for you and in you.
     People are hungry and thirsty to hear what I can do for them.  When they hear what I have done for you, they will know that I will do for them what I did for you.  They will overcome the evil in their lives because they believed your testimony about the power of My Holy Spirit and your testimony about what I do in your life to save you from the evil in the world. 
     Overcome the works of the devil and the power of hatred, anger, divisiveness, strife and all negativity that is rampant in the world by speaking about what I have done for you.  Tell that I am no respecter of persons, that I will do for others what I have done for you.  In doing that, you will introduce them to My saving grace.   They won't know unless they hear active, powerful testimonies.
      People willingly give testimonials at special events to honor a person.   My children need to be willing to give testimonials every day to other people who are hungering and thirsting to know if I am still alive and working in the earth. 
     You must tell them. 
     Your Father of Miraculous Works

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