Saturday, July 23, 2016


Dear One,
     My children have gotten on the wrong path somewhere by believing that all they have to do to have their prayers answered is to ask Me for My involvement in their lives and believe that I will automatically do what they ask.  They know neither the scriptures as taught by Jesus nor do they know My power. (Matthew 22:29) They do not know that their own behavior is indicative of whether they can receive the answers to their prayers or not.  If their behavior negates their identity as My child, then they cannot collect the answers to their prayers because their negative behavior puts blockages up between themselves and the answers to their prayers.  (Isaiah 59:1-4) I have already answered their prayers, but their behavior negates their collective abilities to receive.  That is why Jesus taught so emphatically about your thoughts, attitudes, speech and actions in every one of His teachings.  To those of My children whose spiritual eyes are open, it is the demons behind their negative behavior that block the answers to their prayers from arriving.
     My children do not realize that when Jesus said to, "Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you" the He immediately followed with His most quoted phrase, "So, do to others as you want them to do to you." (Matthew 7:7-12)  So He qualified that promise of asking, seeking and knocking with an instruction to be kind to other people in order for you to receive, find and open the door of your life to My blessings.  He also followed that admonition by saying that the gate is narrow that leads to the abundant life. 
    Jesus had already taught about His standards of behavior for My children of turning the other cheek, refusing to return evil for evil, leaving the altar if someone has something against you and apologizing to the person you have offended, loving your enemies. forgiving others so that your sins will be forgiven and other of His valuable instructions.  He said that if you will first seek Me and MY RIGHTEOUSNESS that everything will be added to you. (Matthew 6:31-33.  He didn't stop by saying that if you seek Me that what you ask will be added to you. He said to seek to be My children who display My righteousness and then the path will be cleared from My heaven to you for you to receive all of My blessings.
       My children must exemplify My standards of behavior in the earth for the narrow path to become wide leading to you upon which My answers to your prayers flow.  Your behavior does not justify you to inherit My blessings.  Jesus Christ living in you is that hope because He died for the sins of the world.  He made you justified to receive My blessings because He made you My child, born of My Holy Spirit.  But it is your sanctified ways, your Christlike behavior, My standards of righteousness in you, that clear the path to you upon which My blessings flow.
      My Spirit wrote that faith without the works of righteousness in you is dead faith, barren, unable to produce anything. (James 2:18-28)  This principle is why My righteousness as exemplified by you is so important.  It is Christ IN YOU that is the hope of My glory being able to bless your life. It is His works through you that identify you as My child, qualified to receive My blessings.
      For instance, one of the standards of righteousness that Jesus taught is that you must give to anyone who begs from you and that you should not refuse someone who would borrow from you. (Matthew 5:42)  That is a tough one for some of My children who are bound to the thought through Paul that if a person does not work that he or she should not eat. Paul was writing a letter to believers when He gave that command, born again Christians who were hearing his words of wisdom.  His letter related to My children who are freed from the curse of poverty.  Paul's instructions did not relate to the people who are unredeemed who are bound by the demon of poverty through generational curses, those who are not born of My Spirit. They are the people to whom Jesus was referring when He told you that you should give to those who beg from you or want to borrow from you.  The unredeemed people are the people who have no other source except Me through My generous children who have inherited My blessings.  Poverty is a demonic curse and those people who are born into families with that generational curse find that even the money they put in their pockets will fall through holes.  Jesus, Paul, Peter and James constantly wrote by the Holy Spirit's command to assist the poor, giving to those people who beg from you and who ask to borrow from you.  
     Some of My children have been robbed by the spirit of religion which teaches that they have to wait to get to heaven to be baptized with My blessings.  The devil is behind that blind doctrine.  That religious teaching has left some My children in bondage to poverty and lack of necessities.  My children who are enlightened by the truth that I am a generous Father whose pleasure it is to give you My kingdom must be the ones who supply alms and gifts to the poor. (Luke 12:32) You are My supply line to My children who are blinded and cursed by poverty.  You fulfill the admonitions of Jesus when you give to those who beg from you and who want to borrow from you.
      You have freely received, so freely give.
       Excemplify the standards of behavior of Jesus Christ in the earth and you will ask what you will and it will be done to you.
       Your Standard Teaching Father

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