Sunday, July 17, 2016


Dear One,
    Many of My people are willing to "stand up for Jesus" by speaking His name at every opportunity in order to let people know that they believe in Him.  Yet, they sow discord, anger, hatred, division and dissension among My other children.  They think that identifying with His name is being a standard by which they are called to honor His name.  Their actions honor neither Me nor My son.  They think that "name dropping" is being a good witness for Us.  Oh, how I wish they would stop mentioning My name or the name of My Son because their attitudes and actions are miles away from My actions and attitudes displayed through Jesus and taught by Him. 
    The standards of being My child which are to be displayed to the world were identified by Jesus in His first teaching.  He said that you will be blessed if you are molded into My image, into My likeness of being meek, humble, merciful, images of My righteousness, loving and makers of peace.  Those are the standards, the signs  of My personality that draw people to Me. (Isaiah 59:19)   They are signs of My goodness and My will in the earth.  My will is not for you to be yelling My name on the street corners as a perceived witness for Me.  My will is for you to BE My personality and character in the earth.
    I said that if I am lifted up in you by My character and personality being evident in you, then all people will be drawn to Me.  (John 12:32)  You have observed that people run away from the name droppers who stand in the marketplace proclaiming to know Me.  People  run from them instead of to them.  If the character of the people who "proclaim" My name had My attributes of mercy, love, kindness and goodness, then people would be drawn to them like a magnet.  They would not have to stand on the street corners announcing that they know Me. 
     My children become My "standard bearers" by becoming personally acquainted with Me.  My children need to become My images, My witnesses in the earth by being so intimately acquainted with Me that they become like Me, the way a child becomes like his or her parent by spending time with the parent and then by osmosis becoming like the parent, the mirror of the personality of the parent. 
    Going into the earth in My name means to go into the earth representing Me by being righteous, kind, merciful, loving and joyful.  It does not mean that you are called to mention My name frequently as a sign of knowing Me.  If you have to mention My name frequently as a name dropper in an effort to honor Me, then you are not yet molded into My image. When you are a witness of My personality in the earth, then you don't have to announce it yourself.  Other people see Me in you and are drawn to you because of your love.
    I am Love.  I have never been a crusade, a religious movement, a political party or a doctrine which needs to be protected and spread.  I am Love and I have always been Love.
    Become Love in the world and you will be the standard, just like Jesus, because you are My image in the earth.  (John 23:34-35)  When you become Love, you don't need to announce that you love Me.  My Love becomes evident in your life.
     Your Loving Father   

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