Monday, July 25, 2016


Dear One,
     You have found that everything that I instructed you out of the mouth of Jesus was given to aid you in your ability to access the goodness from My kingdom of love and goodness.  Many were given to aid you in avoiding the works of evil in your life, including guilt, condemnation and accusations.  I called the devil "the accuser of the brethren". (Revelations 12:10)  If he can get you to lie or do something for which he can accuse you in your thoughts later on, he has an available subject for his thoughts of guilt, condemnation and accusations.  You lose your peace of mind which is My gift to you. 
     In the first instructional class by your brother Jesus, he taught about this very thing.  He said that you have heard under the old laws that you should not lie or  swear falsely, but that you should perform to Me what you have sworn. (Matthew 5:33-37) Jesus narrowed it down and said not to swear at all by the heavens, by My name, by your head or by anything, taking an oath that you will do something.  He said to let your "yes" be "yes" and your "no" be "no".  He said that anything more than that comes from evil, meaning that the devil entices you to swear falsely that something is true or that you will do something and then he condemns you if even one little tidbit is not true or if one obligation is not met.  You give the devil an open door to your life if you swear or take an oath.  Jesus said that "yes" and "no" are sufficient. 
     This admonition is more powerful that you think.  If you swear to do something, to keep an obligation, to sign a pledge, to swear in court to tell the truth, then you open the door for the devil to work you over in your thoughts for not fulfilling the pledge or oath.  Or he will cause the person who gave you the oath the opportunity to have angry thoughts about you because you did not keep your promise.  In fact, the minute you swear to do something, take an oath, sign a pledge, etc., the devil is alerted that you are fair game to be condemned so he will bring something in your life that will cause you to not be able to fulfill your oath, meet your pledge or tell the complete, full truth.  That is why Jesus said to only say "yes" or "no".  Remember, he said that anything else comes from evil.  Yet, My children still swear to tell the truth with their hands on My Instruction Book and sign pledges in their organizations.  To avoid the condemnation, guilt and accusations, just say "yes" or "no", or only affirm in court or a legal document that you will tell the truth.
      Not only did Jesus emphasize this way to avoid evil, but others of My teachers gave importance to it.  James was even more explicit, as led by the Holy Spirit whom Jesus said would amplify His teachings.  He said not to grumble in life, to be patient, to be steadfast, and then he said, "ABOVE ALL, do not swear by the heavens or by the earth or by any other thing, but let your "yes" be "yes" and your "no" be "no", so that you will not fall under condemnation." (James 5;12)  How much more explicit can My admonitions be in an effort to keep you from falling for the devil's tricks which he brings to open you  up to his accusations which will cause you to lose your peace by flooding your mind with condemnation?
      I don't withdraw My love from you if you swear or take an oath.  The problem is that you put yourself under the devil's kingdom to be condemned and accused later if you do not keep your pledge or oath. You might even become frustrated and angry is you cannot keep your obligations.
      Can you understand and see spiritually that all of My instructions to you in My Instruction Book are given so that you will not fall for evil traps which result in robbing you of your peace of mind, your family, your home, your possessions, your love and your mental stability? 
      My standard for My children of never taking an oath or swearing by any means to do something, but instead to only say yes or no is a way to avoid the entrance of evil in your life?
      You must not only believe My standards, but you should be a doer of My standards in order to have peace of mind and joy.
      Your Helpful, Tutoring Father 

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