Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Dear One,
    In your life in the earth every earthly treasure has the possibility of rotting, being consumed or stolen.  Wood will decay, investments will devalue, metals will tarnish, money will  be stolen or frivolously spent, people will disappoint you, religious leaders will fall for temptations, politicians will divide and sow strife, and sports personnel will fall off of their pedestals.  Yet, I am constant, always reliable, always available, always loyal to My children, always eager to answer your prayers, always eager to share My wisdom and insights with you, always forgiving your weaknesses and always, always filled with pleasure and delight when you access your blessings.  I am constantly speaking My love words to you in My eagerness to give you all of the benefits of My kingdom.  (Matthew 6:19-22)  Jesus said where your treasure is, there will your heart and devotion also be.
     My children, in their eagerness to be patriotic, will allow the people in authority over them to divide their country in the name of nationalism.  Even though they have seen that extreme patriotism could result in their own destruction and death, they blindly follow leaders who call themselves by My name but who are using My name for their own benefit.  My children do not discern the evil spirits operating in those people because of their extreme patriotic spirit and the blindness in their own minds to the lack of My fruit in their lives.  There is no love, peace and kindness in the lives of the the leaders who speak My name but who have fruit from hell of anger, division, dissension, hatred, prejudice, unkindness, railing and raving because they are drunk with power.  Jesus told you that you know My children by their fruit, yet some of My children bind themselves to dominating leaders, forgetting that they will also receive the curses themselves that are coming upon their leaders who are ignorant of My ways.  They forget that you are bound in heaven to what they are bound on earth.  If you are bound to angry leaders, you will also harvest in your life the curses that they sow. (Matthew 16:19)  When you are bound to Me and My righteous ways, you will harvest in your life My multitude of blessings.
     Jesus continued with his teaching about good treasures when He said that your eye is the lamp of your body and if you allow your eyes to see evil as good, then your whole body is filled with darkness.  (Matthew 6:22-23) You give your light over to great darkness by binding yourself to naysayers and negative speaking people who spout doom and gloom from their mouths.  If you join with darkness, you leave My light.  Jesus taught this truth when He was teaching about hypocrites who say one thing but do another, being pious before people but who harbor evil in their hearts. 
     The gospel of Good News always comes from My light.  When your treasure is in Me and My righteous ways, then you will inherit My family treasures.  If your treasure is in extreme political tenets and unrevealed religious doctrine, then great will be your fall. 
    If the light from other people is not love, mercy, forgiveness and peace, then it is not from Me.  Their light has become darkness.  Forgive them and pray for them, but do not bind yourself to them lest the light in you becomes darkness. (Isaiah 58:9-10; Ephesians 5:8-11; Colossians 1:13; I Thessalonians 5:5; Hebrews 12:18; I John 1:5-7) )
    Your Light Providing Heavenly Father

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