Saturday, August 27, 2016


Dear One,
    Some Pharisees asked Jesus when My kingdom would come to earth, expecting Him to tell them that it would come with grandeur, setting up a governmental palace with them as the honored personnel.  Jesus busted their religious bubbles when He told them that My kingdom would not come with fanfare, outward signs or visible displays which matched their elaborate temples.  He said that people would not say truthfully that it was here or there or somewhere visible.  He told them that My kingdom comes within My children and surrounds them. (Luke 17:21)
    Jesus prophesied His own return to earth after His resurrection and His appearing to people.  He told them that it would be like when Noah went into the ark, that floods came and destroyed them all, and like in the days of Lot when people went on their merry way but Lot went out of Sodom, and fire from heaven destroyed all of Sodom.  He was talking about His own death and resurrection because He was to die for the sins of the whole world, flooded with demons while on the cross and experiencing the fires of hell later when He went to hell for your sins.  He said that when He appeared again to people after His resurrection that the people on housetops must leave their belongings and anyone in fields should not turn back to the fields but must seek Him and receive the power to overcome all evil.  Jesus told them that He would appear to people after His resurrection but their eyes were blinded to His truth. (Luke 17:22-30)     
    Jesus had already told people that when He cast a demon out of someone while He was in the earth that My kingdom came upon that person. (Luke 11:20) Now He was telling them that after His resurrection that My kingdom would come inside of My children as well as surround them.  In fact, He told them later that My kingdom was with them and would be in them but it would not happen until He was crucified.  And He was speaking of My Holy Spirit coming to live in them after Jesus sent Him into the earth.  When My Spirit comes to live in you, My kingdom comes into your life and also surrounds you.  (Luke 17:21)  You are flooded with My living waters and are empowered by the fire of My Holy Spirit, receiving new life and power to defeat the works of the devil in your life.
     The warning about those people who try to save their natural lives will lose it but that those who give up their natural lives and seek Me will preserve their own lives and receive new lives was taught by Jesus so that you and they will give up the devotions to earthly things and devote your lives to seeking My spiritual things.  By doing that, you enhance your natural lives and receive the power of My life also. 
    Jesus knew that it would not be a mass exodus of people seeking to find Him after His resurrection, but that it would be individuals. (Luke 17:34-36)   People asked Him, "Where?"  He said where His resurrected body would be, the eagles would gather together, speaking of the angels who are referred to as winds and ministering spirits in the book of Hebrews and that they are servants of those who inherit salvation.       
     The people were cautioned by Jesus not to believe people who said that He was here or there or somewhere,  He said that as lightning flashes and lights up the sky that it would be similar in His day when He ushered My kingdom into the lives of people to make them a dwelling place, a temple of My Spirit.  Jesus was trying to make My children understand that He, My Spirit and I are One, just like you are one spirit, soul and body. Where My Spirit is in residence, I am in residence.  Where My Spirit is in residence, Jesus Christ is in residence.  We come to live inside of My children, not in earthly man made temples.  Just like when Jesus walked the earth, My Spirit and I were inside of Him, not in the religious temples. 
     Jesus then described when My kingdom would come to earth and said that when My Spirit comes to live in you that you will be motivated to give up religious devotions to things or people and that you be motivated to make Me the Lord of your life in the person of My Holy Spirit.  (Luke 17:31; II Corinthians 3:17)  He said you have My kingdom inside of you and surrounding you. (I Corinthians 6:19; Luke 17:21)
      The mental understanding of the Pharisees at the time of Jesus was blinded by the devil so that they could not fully understand My plan from the foundation of the world which was Christ in you, the hope of glorious, kingdom living while in the earth and also in My heaven.  My Holy Spirit removes the veil from your eyes and the eyes of My other children so that you can understand and be healed.
      Seek Me for understanding and My Spirit will reveal everything you need to know.
      Your Father of Spiritual Understanding   

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