Thursday, August 25, 2016


Dear One,
    In the teachings of Jesus relating to living the kingdom life while in the earth, He covers in the parables every area of living, comparing daily living to kingdom living.  His teachings relating to temptations of the devil that snare you, trap you and entice you to sin are given to caution you to be on the alert, on guard, always realizing that that your enemy, the devil, never gives up in the orchestrations he concocts to suck you into his plans to destroy your peace of mind, your tranquility, your joy, your love and your kindness toward others. 
     Jesus said woe to him through whom temptation comes.  It most often is a family member, a trusted friend, a political compatriot, a religious brother or sister, a neighbor, anyone whom the devil can effectively use to trap you into engaging in conflict.  Jesus said that woes will be visited upon the person who traps the people who are lowly in rank and influence to do the will of the devil.  He said that it would be better if the person had a millstone hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea than to cause anyone to be snared by the devil.  The person through whom a temptation comes into your life will also suffer consequences for fraternizing with evil, not by suffering consequences from Me, but suffering by the curses of the kingdom of evil with whom he or she has joined in allegiance.(Luke 17:1-2)  The wage of an allegiance with the devil is always destruction and death.  There is no good wage for joining with evil and causing other people to join with it.  
    Then Jesus in His admonition told you to always be on guard, looking out for one another so that you will be alert to the plans of the evil one.  You must always depend upon My Holy Spirit to discern good from evil for you, what is beneficial for you and others and what is detrimental to you and others. Love in you will alert another person to his or her crossing the boundary between blessings and curses.  Jesus said that if your brother misses the mark set by Me, falling for temptations, that you should tell your brother and you must forgive him. (Luke 17:3)  That keeps evil at bay, unable to further its plans in the life of the person or in your life.
    Jesus' teaching on forgiveness says that forgiving someone is often not a one time thing.  He said even if someone sins against you seven times in a day that you must forgive him or her seven times a day.  (Luke 17:4)  It often takes 70 times for you to forgive from your heart, to give up all resentment and the desire to retaliate.  You must practice automatic forgiveness so that you can immediately forgive others like I do.  You can be on guard, watching out for people who have yielded to temptations and you must forgive them immediately.  I said whose sins you forgive are forgiven and whose sins you retain are retained.  Practicing immediate forgiveness is beneficial for you because you are also forgiven every time you forgive someone else, forgiven of the desire to judge, to be vengeful and to retaliate.  (John 20:21-23)
    That parable is a picture of My forgiveness which is automatic and all encompassing because of the sacrifice of Jesus for the sins of the whole world.  Because you are immediately forgiven by Me for falling into temptations to do evil to someone, you must immediately forgive others who do the same thing.  Otherwise, you are the same as the hypocrites who say one thing and do another.  It's beneficial to forgive everyone whom you see entangled in the deception of the devil which you have also done many times.
     Keep the spiritual atmosphere around you clear and pure by forgiving others immediately, refusing to hold anything against anyone.   Also, stay on guard, alert like a sentinel at the gate to a kingdom, eager to catch the devil in his primary plan to snare someone with whom you are acquainted.  Stop the devil's work by forgiving everyone and then alert people to the traps so that he or she will separate from the evil instead of embracing it.
     I covered every area of concern in your life in My teachings where I compared the workings of My kingdom with the mundane workings of the flesh in the earth, teaching you how much more powerful My ways are.  My teachings are above all things, not under them.  They are higher than your thoughts, attitudes or actions.  They diffuse the works of evil in the earth, taking the power out of temptations by forgiving the people who yield to temptations.
     Practice immediate forgiveness so that when you fall for the temptation to be involved in conflict that you will recognize the danger and forgive the human messenger by whom evil was delivered to your door.
    Immediate forgiveness provides the atmosphere through which I can work efficiently in your life because there are no judgmental spirits sent from hell to impede My work. 
    Your Father of Immediate Forgiveness and Love

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