Monday, August 8, 2016


Dear One,
    Part of the good news is that My children do not have to wait until heaven to experience kingdom living.  Since My kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, it is possible to have a portion of kingdom living while still in the earth when My Spirit lives in you and you are led and guided by My Holy Spirit.  In His first teaching about My kingdom, Jesus taught about the man who sowed good seeds of wheat in His field but when the man was sleeping his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat and then went away.(Matthew 13:24-30)  When the seeds grew plants, the servants told the man that there were weeds among his wheat plants.  The owner said that his enemy had sown the weeds.  The servants asked if they should pull up the weeds, but the man told them not to because they might pull up the wheat along with the weeds, so to just let them grow together until the harvest when he will tell the gatherers to gather the weeds first and tie them up and burn them but then to gather the wheat into his barn.
     Jesus explained the parable by saying that the sower is the Son of Man. the field is the world, the good seeds are are sons of My kingdom and the evil seeds are the sons of the  devil.  (Matthew 13:36-42) He said that at the close of the age of dispensation of the old covenant that His angels would come and gather the cause of the evildoers, those being the demons, and the demons would be cast into the fire. He said that the righteous will then shine as the sun in My kingdom because the cause of the evil will be in the furnace of fire.   
     Even though the wheat was compromised with weeds, in the parable the man did not reject the wheat.  This parable about My kingdom signifies that even though My children have joined with evil spirits, being bound to them, that I still love My children and do not burn them with the weeds.
     I tell My children through My Holy Spirit how to purify themselves, encouraging them to drive out the evil spirits who torment and influence them into the fires of hell so that My children will be free to enjoy My kingdom living. (Matthew 10:8) My truths through My Holy Spirit's revelation set My children free.  My Holy Spirit has My complete authority to drive out demons from people and the world which frees them to become white as snow, as promised through the prophet Isaiah. (Isaiah 1:18-19)
    The harvest began on the day of Pentecost when I sent My Holy Spirit  to live in My children who invite Him.  On that day, with their permission He becomes Lord of their lives as they become the temple of My Spirit (II Corinthians 3:17-18)  The duty of My Spirit is to sanctify My children, chasing out the dross and leaving the gold, or burning the weeds and leaving the wheat.  It's a process, one troubling spirit at a time being driven out until My children learn to allow Me to be the Lord of their lives, consulting Me for everything, taking My advice, becoming My image in the earth and becoming living praises unto Me.  They become the light of the world, as Jesus said, houses on a hill whose light cannot be hidden. (Matthew 5:14)
     Jesus said that you must not hide your light under a bushel but instead you must put it on a tall stand as the standard of My love, lighting the whole house.  He encouraged you to let your light shine brightly before men so that they will see your spiritual brilliance and glorify Me.  He referred to His teachings about how to treat My other children and said that His instructions about being kind, loving, peaceful, gracious, forgiving and sharing all of your goods in your relationships with other people, all of those teachings will not pass away until His words are accomplished.  He even warned that anyone who relaxes any of His teachings and teaches others not to follow My teachings through His words will be least in My kingdom.  He said that your righteousness must exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees or you will never enter into My kingdom living while in the earth.  It is the use of My keys which allows you to gain access into My kingdom.(Matthew 16:19)
     The only thing that can keep you from receiving your complete inheritance from Me is your holding on to the dross instead of reaching for the gold, holding on to the weeds instead of allowing My Spirit to drive them out.  (Psalm 119:119; Psalm 25:4-5) The gold is yours already, and the devil's dross wants to form a barrier in order to keep you from collecting your inheritance.  My Spirit wants to show you how to toss the devil's dross into hell and keep My gold, which is your inheritance.
     Refuse to allow your light to be dimmed or extinguished.  The fires of My Holy Spirit keeps your light bright and illuminating.(Matthew 13:43)
     Your Father of Gifts of Gold     

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