Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Dear One,
    When Jesus taught about My kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven, He clued His disciples in on the expediency with which that event would come to be.  He told His followers that some people who were alive at the time would not taste death until they saw My kingdom come with power.  (Mark 9:1)  Little did the people  realize that My kingdom would become a reality in the earth when My Holy Spirit came into the earth to make His dwelling place in the spirits of people. They certainly did not realize what was ahead for Jesus, death on the cross for the sins of the world and then His going to hell, paying the price for their sins.  They also certainly did not know that He was going to be raised from the dead by the power of My Spirit, walk the earth for 40 days and minister to people.  They did not know that He would come back to live with Me and We would send My Holy Spirit into the earth to bring My kingdom to earth as it is in heaven, in answer to the prayer that Jesus taught them to pray, (Matthew 6:10)
     Jesus had already told them that My kingdom would not come to earth with fanfare or public announcements or a gala celebration.  He said that it would come to one person who is on a housetop or one who is in the fields working, meaning that it would come to individuals, not to a nation, not a country, not to an organization and not to a chosen denomination.  Whose heart is in expectation of My kingdom coming into his or her life, seeking My kingdom first will experience My kingdom coming to live in them, bringing with My Spirit the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. (Romans 8:11)  My Holy Spirit's power brings into your life My power to defeat evil and My love with which to love people unconditionally.
    My power is necessary to defeat the works of evil in your life which Jesus said that you will certainly have occur.  And the power of My love is necessary in order to be peacemakers with all people in the earth, which is another way to defeat the works of the devil.  Without My Spirit in your life, it is impossible to overcome evil and love others as I love you.
    Jesus told the history of My dealings with people in a parable when He related it to the owner of a field who planted seeds in his field and went off for a long time, leaving the field. Later He sent a servant to the caretaker to collect the harvest.  Instead, the caretaker beat the servant and sent him away.  Then, as the story goes, the owner sent another servant who was also beaten and sent away.  Likewise, another servant had the same treatment.  So the owner sent his beloved son, thinking that the caretaker would honor his son, but instead when the caretaker saw the son he connived to kill the son and take his inheritance.  So they killed the son. 
     After relating the story to the listeners, Jesus asked them what was their opinion that the owner should do to the caretaker?  He answered His own question when He said, "Well, I guess the owner should kill the caretaker and give the land to other people." The hearers of the story said, "God forbid."
    Jesus asked them what is the meaning of the prophesy, "The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.  Whoever falls upon the stone will become broken and on whomsoever the stone falls upon will be ground to powder."
    When the priests and scribes heard that teaching, they plotted to arrest Him because they feared that He was talking about themselves. (Luke 20:9-18)
    That parable outlined My entire struggle against satan in his deception of people, how I sent laws into the earth to identify evil that was in the midst of the people.  Then I sent prophets into the earth to My children under My old covenant with Abraham and his seeds, to alert them to their straying off of the straight and narrow path.  I sent the prophets in order to help them keep evil at bay.  Instead of believing the prophets, they killed them, and so I sent My Son to teach them how to avoid evil.  They not only rejected Him and His teachings on how to defeat evil that is in the world, but they killed Him also.
    Now you know that the death of My Son bought freedom for you and My other children, giving you the ability to receive My Holy Spirit, My supernatural power to refuse the temptations of the devil and to defeat what evil had already entered into your life.  Through My Holy Spirit I also give you the power and ability to love others as I love you.
    Jesus died so that My kingdom might come to earth to live in you, giving you My supernatural power to defeat evil and to love others with the same intensity that I love you.  My Holy Spirit is the avenue through whom I send My power into the earth.  (Acts. 1:1-4)  He is My faith building, love building messenger of My Kingdom.  Honor Him just like you honor Me.
    Your Father of Love and Power 

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