Friday, August 12, 2016


Dear One,
    Jesus was always very clear in His explanations of the kingdom of heaven.  He always said it is "like" something or other, actually "like" many different things so as to paint for My children a complete picture of heaven.  He could not tell the people at the time the spiritual aspects of the parables because, as He said, they would never understand the comparisons because My Spirit, the tutor, had not yet been given to them to enlighten them. 
    In one description He said that the kingdom of heaven is like leaven which a woman puts into three measures of meal until it is all leavened. (Matthew 13:33) When the seed of My Holy Spirit comes into your own spirit, creating a completely new spiritual creature, My desire is that the powerful spiritual leaven of My Spirit will be allowed by you to permeate your mind (soul) and your body also, baptizing your entire being with My power, changing you from being a person displaying the fruit of a fleshly person into your being My child and displaying the fruit of My Spirit.  (Galatians 5:16-24)   The three measures of meal being your spirit, soul and body, My Spirit multiplies the spiritual cells of your newly created spirit and invades your entire being, thus baptizing, immersing, permeating and changing your body and your mind also into a new creation that has My characteristics of goodness, kindness, love, mercy, joy, patience and the peace of My Holy Spirit.  He set up residence in your own spirit when  He created the new spiritual person in you. (II Corinthians 5:17-18)
      The process of allowing the leavening of My Holy Spirit to do His work in your life takes a while because He has to toss out the former dross and form new thoughts, attitudes and intentions in your mind before your body willingly changes by the prompting of My Spirit, who lives in your own spirit.  Often My children want to remain children of their flesh, being programmed by it in the past which was programmed by the devil.  If they do remain children of the flesh, their lives continue to be hell on earth, as motivated by the devil, instead of their enjoying My kingdom living on earth.
    The more My children allow Me to toss out the devil's dross from their minds and bodies, the more of My blessings will flood into their lives because they become more and more yielded to My Holy Spirit, the spiritual seed of My kingdom.  As the minds and bodies of My children become more and more the reflection of My love in the earth, then the more and more of My heaven becomes evident in their lives.  The leaven of My Holy Spirit in the spirit, soul and body of My children creates heaven on earth.  It's the binding principle.  If you bind yourself to the thoughts, attitudes and actions of My Holy Spirit, then you attract My heavenly benefits into your life because I am your Father. (Ephesians 1:3-6)  If you bind yourself to the devil's thoughts, attitudes and actions, then you attract his curses into your life because he becomes your father. (John 8:43-45)
     My love for you never stops.  However, the truth is that you either become My child of love in the earth and attract My kingdom into your life, or you become the devil's child of anger and hatred in the world and attract the devil's destruction into your life. (Matthew 6:24)
    When you allow Me to create in your soul and body the leaven of My Holy Spirit, the new creature that He created in your spirit will usher My heaven into your life.  Kingdom living is your reward on earth just as it is in heaven.. (Matthew 6:10)
     I never intended for My children to stop with being born of My Spirit. (John 3:5-6; Acts 1:4-8) I meant for them to be baptized in My Spirit which creates a new creature outwardly as well as inwardly.  That is when people see the works of My Spirit in your life and glorify Me as the Father of love.  Let My Spirit leaven your whole lump, your whole person, and bring kingdom living to you.
     Your Father of Kingdom Living     

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