Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Dear One,
     My standards of character that I have taught to you are valuable standards that you must raise up within you when the enemy comes in like a flood into your life to cause problems. (Isaiah 59:19)  My true children often know that they should pray and refrain from worrying and fretting.  However, the secret weapon in defeating the devil that will enable you to receive your reward from Me for being victorious lies in how you treat other people.  That is what Jesus lectured about in all of His teachings.  All of the standards of My behavior in dealing with people are the keys to being victorious against the devil who is at the core of every problem that comes upon you. (Ephesians 6:12)
     Often My children will pray and pray for Me to get them out of a problem without their doing what I told them to do, which is to make peace with the offending person.  Remember that what you are bound to on earth is what you are bound to in the heavens.  If you are bound to spirits of anger and strife in your mind, then you are bound to the demons of anger and strife in the spiritual dimension.  Your unity with those spirits will not allow Me to do My mighty works in solving the situation.  You cannot be bound to anger and strife and also bound to Me and My kingdom of light. (Isaiah 59:1-2)
     Why was Jesus so emphatic about making peace with someone who accuses you or opposes you?  That is because your choice of continuing to be in strife with a person  allows the devil to torment another one of My children whom I love as much as I love you.  You are participating with the devil in the destruction of another one of My children by holding on to the anger.  (Matthew 25:31-40)  You classify yourself as a goat instead of a sheep.  Goats eat tin cans, trash and debris.  My sheep eat what I prepare for them at My table and their cups run over with blessings.  (Psalm 23:5-6) Your identity is defined by how you treat other people.  If you treat them with forgiveness, kindness, love, patience and mercy, as I instructed, then you will eat at My table.  If you treat them with anger, strife, contention, dissension, hatred and name calling, then you will eat debris, trash and tin cans.  It is your choice, as it was in the beginning, either blessings or curses.  
     I said that My words are life to you and health to your body.  (Proverbs 3:5-8; 4:20-23)  Being a doer of My instructions to you through Jesus are paramount to your setting the earthly stage for My work in the spiritual dimension.  We must work together in unity before your problems are solved.  Every promise that I made to My children is premised by My instructions to you about treating other people with love.  This is why I have been teaching you about My standards of love in the earth that must come from My children before I can work in unity with you to answer your prayers.  There must be agreement between earth and heaven for Me to complete My work.  (Mark 11:23-14; Matthew 18:19)
     Oh, that My children who call themselves by My name, calling Me their Heavenly Father, would only think and act as they proclaim they are, My children who honor My wisdom, insight and instructions to them.  It you truly honor Me, you will honor My words to you, My insights, My wisdom and My instructions which bring peace to every situation.  You must become a doer, not a hearer only.
     Remember that Jesus said that My true children are the ones who do My will in the earth.  My children who return good for evil done to them are doing My will in the earth and are My true children.  My blessings flow to them like a river.  The ones who return evil for evil in thought, word or deed are not doing My will but they are doing the will of the devil.  They cannot be blessed by Me.  Instead, they inherit the devil's curses in their lives while in the earth.  Their lives are filled with woes.
     I want to rescue the ones who always return evil for evil.  They must come to Me for My healing words and then do what I taught for them to do through Jesus, spreading My love and forgiveness in the earth.  Their inheritance is waiting for their return.
      Never forget that My words are life to you and health to your body.  You must not only read them but you must digest them and let them become flesh in you until you become love, as I am love.  People will see your love and glorify Me as your Father. 
     Honor Me by doing My will in the earth.
     Your Loving Father   

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