Friday, August 5, 2016


Dear One,
    There are no shortcuts for My children in gaining access to My kingdom and the benefits that I have for My family.  Some of My children want to trust in their praises, their tithes, their keeping the Sabbath holy, their keeping the original commandments that I gave to a nation and other rituals in order to get My attention and access My blessings.  They play tapes and CDs all day, listen to praise music, watch the media teachers and become inundated mentally all day.  Those shortcuts are only fleshly attempts to please Me because they have been told that I will answer their prayers if they use those methods.  Those methods are ineffective for getting your prayers answered unless you know the keys to My kingdom.  I know the hearts of every one of My children and if love is not present, then the keys to My kingdom are no where to be found.  Love is the master key to My house and every other key relates to your love for others.  (I Corinthians 13)
     Nowhere in the lives of some of My children who use methods to gain My attention do I see them loving their neighbors as themselves, forgiving everyone for offenses and persecutions against them, loving their enemies, doing to others as they would have them do to themselves, making peace with every family member, always turning the other cheek when stricken either by words or deeds, doing good to everyone they consider their enemy, praying for those enemies and other keys that involve thoughts, attitudes and acts of love toward other people whom I created. 
     When I said to seek Me, I also said to seek to be My righteous children, meaning that you must seek to be My image of love in your world.  When you become the image of My love to everyone, then you can ask what you will and it will be done for you.  (Matthew 6:33)
     I do not withhold My blessings from any of My children.  It is your unity with the father of fear and hatred that causes those demons to form a barrier between us so that you cannot access your blessings. (Isaiah 59:1-2) Your blessings and answers to prayers are always available to flow to you.  But when you have fear, anger or hatred in your heart for any of My other children, you are in opposition to Me and a barrier is formed between us.  There is no room for sibling rivalry in My earthly family.  I told you that what you do to the least of My children that you do those actions also to Me. (Matthew 25:44) When you do evil acts toward anyone, the evil spirits that caused those actions will cut off the delivery of My blessings to you.  That is why I said when you are at the altar and remember that someone has something against you, that you should leave and make peace with the person and then return to the altar. (Matthew 5:21-24) That should tell you how important it is for you to make peace and show love toward everyone so that your prayers will be answered. 
      Loving your enemies is not done to manipulate Me into giving you My blessings.  My blessings are already yours.  Loving your enemies separates you from the evil empire from hell who influences you to hate others, to be angry with others, to judge others and to cause dissension in My family; all of which, as I said, will separate you from Me and My blessings.
      When you are established in My love for you, you will want to pour My love on to everyone you see, your enemies as well as your friends and families. (Ephesians 3:4-20)  My love can not be contained.  It has to be released upon other people because I am Love and My character is Love, therefore I want to share Myself with everyone.  You are My child and you will want to share My love when other people are unlovable.  You will want to rescue them from evil by loving them.  You will want to ignite them into being My light.  You will want to make them light also so that they will leave the darkness of the devil and become inheritors of My blessings also.  (Matthew 5:14-16)  You will want to help Me save them, just like I saved you from the works of evil that are in the world.
     There are no shortcuts.  It always takes Love to overcome evil. 
     Your Father of Kingdom Keys     

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