Monday, August 22, 2016


Dear One
    The Pharisees were lovers of money and covetous of money, so when they heard the teachings of Jesus relating to the fact that people who seek for money instead of seeking My kingdom will never find My kingdom.  They wanted to seek both so they sneered, ridiculed and scoffed at Jesus. (Luke 16:14-15)  Jesus knew their hearts and so He told them that they act righteous but that I know their hearts.  He told them that anyone who has exalted himself among men is abhorrent in My eyes because of the state of their hearts. 
   Then Jesus clued them in on the two covenants, the first one which had the laws and prophets and the final one which is the good news of My Kingdom of God which was preached starting with John the Baptist who proclaimed the coming of My kingdom into the earth. He said that some people have fought violently to enter into My kingdom to no avail and that all of the laws and the prophesies first needed to be fulfilled.(Luke 16:16-17)
    Jesus told the parable about the rich man who loved to dress in finery and parade before people, making merry every day.  There was also a destitute man who had been dropped off at the town who was covered with sores and was begging for alms.  He was satisfied eating scraps that fell from the table of the rich man.  The destitute man died and was carried by the angels to the bosom of Abraham.  The rich man died and was buried.  He was tormented in Hades and saw Lazarus in the bosom of Abraham.  The rich man cried out to Abraham and asked that Lazarus might dip the tip of his finger into water and cool his tongue because he was anguishing in the heat.(Luke 16:23-24) Abraham told the rich man that while he lived that he languished in comfort and delight but Lazarus had discomforts and distresses so Lazarus was now comforted in Abraham's bosom.  He told the rich man that there was a great chasm that caused people to not be able to pass from the fire where he was to Abraham's bosom. (Luke 16:25-26)
    In the parable story the rich man asked Abraham to send someone to his five brothers to warn them about the place of torment.   Abraham told him that they had the law and the prophets, to let them listen to them.  The rich man told Abraham that if someone from the dead warned them, that then his brothers would believe him and repent.  Abraham told him that if they didn't listen to Moses and the prophets that they would not believe anyone who rose from the dead.
     Jesus was speaking truthfully about his death and resurrection and that the people under the old covenant of the law of sin and death would not believe in the glorious events of the resurrection, but that the blind, the maimed, the poor, the deaf, the downtrodden and the afflicted would believe and would be ushered into My kingdom living, eagerly receiving the power of My Spirit when He came into the world on the day of Pentecost and forever after to come to live in My children, changing them from death to life, from curses to blessings, from being separated from Me by demons to being united with Me as One. 
     John the Baptist preached that the My kingdom was nigh.  He had received word of the coming of My kingdom into the world when he was in the wilderness.  After being baptized by John and receiving the baptism of My Spirit, Jesus told the good news, that My Spirit was upon Him to preach the good news to the poor, the blind, the downtrodden and the release of captives from the devil and to proclaim the acceptable year of My kingdom coming to earth.  The Pharisees, the scribes, the Sadducees and the hypocrites didn't like His message because it differed from their interpretation of the laws and the prophets.  He proved them wrong.
     Self righteously religious people still do not like the message of Jesus, that My Spirit desires to come live in them and give them power over evil.  Those people who have a need are the ones who welcome Him and live My kingdom life on earth and in My heaven.  Jesus died for it. 
     The parables are stories that are comparable to truth.  They are not doctrine or truth. They are modes of proclaiming My good news to My children, the good news that I relieve burdens and have solutions to problems in the person of My Holy Spirit.  I said that My kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.  He is the only way into My kingdom.
     Your Father of Love

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