Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Dear One,
    My promise of having kingdom living while residing in the earth according to the parables that Jesus taught are many and varied.  The reason for the many numbers and different scenarios is so that My children might get a clear idea into the promise that was spoken to them by the prophets about My Spirit living inside of you and establishing My kingdom in the earth. The parables spoke the same truths, that My Holy Spirit yearns to live inside of My Children and establish My kingdom of righteousness in the earth through making them over into My image of love.  It's like any learning process, repetition, repetition, repetition.
     In one of the stories that Jesus told about banquet invitations being delivered to guests, He said it was comparable to My Kingdom.  He said that a man gave a great banquet and sent invitations to people to join Him in His party.  The man sent his servant with invitations to tell the people that everything was ready.  The guests began to make excuses for not coming.  One person said that he had bought a field and he really needed to tend to his field and asked to be excused.  Another person used the excuse that he had bought five yoke of oxen and really needed to examine them, so he asked to be excused from coming to the banquet.  Another man said that he had just gotten married and therefore he couldn't come to the banquet.  When the servant reported back to the man giving the banquet, the householder told the servant to go into the streets and lanes of the city and bring the poor, the blind, the maimed and the lame people.  The servant did what the householder asked, and there was still room for more people at the banquet.  So the householder told the servant to go out on the highways and and hedges where foreigners were traveling and invite them so that his house would be filled with people for the banquet.  The householder said that no one who was originally invited would taste the excellent food offered at the banquet. (Luke 14:15-24)
     That is exactly what happened when My kingdom first came to earth on the day of Pentecost after Jesus rose from the dead, came to live with Me and We sent My Holy Spirit with His host of servants, the angels, into the world.  My Spirit made His home in some the spirits of My children on earth and they were surrounded by a "cloud of witnesses" which includes all of the spirits of the dead who entered My kingdom to live with Me. (Hebrews 12:1-2; 5;18-24) Those of My children who took the advice of Jesus and waited for the Holy Spirit were fortunate to experience the greatest day in the history of the world, when I came to earth to live in people.  Some people had other obligations that caused them to make excuses why they could not go to Jerusalem and wait for the "promise of the Father".  They missed out on the biggest thrill in life, the miracle of My Spirit having a new dwelling place within them.  The people who went to the life changing banquet are the people who had a need and invited Me into their lives.  They were blessed beyond human expectations or imagination. 
    It is the same today.  I constantly send out invitations by My angels to multitudes of people but the devil still causes them to make the same excuses, either they have just bought lands or new houses or cattle or a new business or they just got married or just joined a new club or they are devoted to their denomination or their family or their political party or their church.  Other obligations demand their attention instead of My glorious banquet where they can eat of My spiritual food and be healed in their spirits, souls and bodies.  They don't realize that My spiritual food that I have for them will show them how to make their family abundantly blessed, their businesses abundantly prosperous, their animals strong and healthy and their lives blessed abundantly.  They will want to shed any religious, political or social obligations which suck the life out of them and devote 100 % of their free time conversing with Me and hearing the wisdom of My Holy Spirit.  When the weak, the lame, the poor and the maimed accept My invitation, they are forgiven more and they love more.  (Luke 7:42-43)
     Sometimes My spiritual children only give 30% of their devotion to Me, being still bound to earthly obligations  and they only enjoy 30% of kingdom living while in the earth.  Others give 60% of their devotion to Me, being obligated to earthly duties, and they only enjoy 60% of kingdom living while in the earth.  My children who know that I am the only One who has the words of life will choose to devote 100% of themselves to Me and they will have 100% of My kingdom living while in the earth.  What they give up of the earthly obligations are nothing compared to the endless blessings that I have for them.
      My Holy Spirit can teach you valuable lessons from the parables of Jesus.  Be a hearer and a doer and you will live My kingdom life while in the earth.
      Your Father of Blessings and Wisdom

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