Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Dear One,
    When gold is found in mountains, the prospectors hide their stash and go sell everything that they have in order to finance the production of the gold, knowing that their financial problems are over which affected their families, their reputations and their entire prosperity, spirit, soul and body.  The same is true of someone who finds a sunken treasure ship.  The person keeps quiet while he sells all of his assets in order to finance the acquisition of the treasure in the sunken ship, knowing that what he has found is more valuable to him than his meager assets. 
     Jesus spoke this parable to His followers when He was in the earth, telling My children that the inheritance that He was leaving you is worth much more than anything that you might be inclined to hold onto.  He said that when a man finds a treasure in a field that he covers it up, goes and sells all that he has and buys the entire field. (Matthew 13:44)
     There are some of My children who leave behind their entire earthly devotions and seek Me for everything, depending upon Me for guidance, counseling, revealing of truth, source of happiness and  wanting to develop a close child/Father relationship with Me.  They leave the former devotions and meager things of the earth behind, knowing that they cannot have two masters, as Jesus taught, because they know that the devotions that they had were not nearly as joyful and rewarding as the new life that I promise. 
    As I told you personally in the past, the things to which you were formerly devoted were mere garbage compared to what I have for you which are valuable gold.  The choice was yours between the familiar garbage and the unfamiliar gold and you struggled with the decision.  Then you realized that the familiar garbage only promised more familiar garbage in your future, so you chose the unfamiliar gold that I offered to you.  Because of leaving everything else behind, you struck the vein of pure gold, the presence of My Holy Spirit in your life, and you have the most rewarding life imaginable, more than you ever dared think or imagined there to be while you live in the earth.  Because of the revelations of My love and My power, all given to you by the presence of My Holy Spirit in your life, you have struck the spiritual vein of pure gold.  (Ephesians 1:16-22; Ephesians 3:14-20) As a result, you are blessed in everything in your life, simply because you withdrew your devotion from earthly garbage and put all of your devotion into our relationship.  As a perk of having our one-on-one relationship, I showed you how to be blessed in the areas to which you formerly had earthly devotions, blessing you in your family, your assets, your mental and emotional stability, your joy and happiness which now run over, providing you wisdom and knowledge beyond all human abilities, much more than you could dare think or imagine before you made the decision between meager garbage and My gold.  You made the right choice.
    Jesus said that you should leave family, lands and other devotions or you will not receive My kingdom benefits into your life.  He did not mean to neglect your family nor neglect to care for your lands, but He meant to not put them first before Me and My wisdom.  Remember that He said to seek Me FIRST. (Matthew 6:31-34) Do not seek your emotions or any earthly knowledge when problems come into your life. I am the only One who has the perfect solutions for everything that the devil throws your way because I have defeated him many times in the lives of My children who turn to Me.  The problem is that My children want quick fixes and they seek solutions from ineffective sources before they ever seek Me.  I wait patiently for them to come to Me for My insight and wisdom.  In the meantime, they suffer more and more defeats while seeking earthly solutions. Seeking Me FIRST means less suffering.
    Notice that Jesus said that the person in the parable who found the treasure in the field covered it up before he sold everything that he had and bought the entire field.  Often My children want to shout from the mountain tops that they have found My treasure before they become led by My Spirit into having My good fruit in their lives.  They proclaim they have found the treasure before selling all that they have, meaning while still bearing rotten fruit.  They make disciples more corrupt than themselves if they don't wait until they leave behind everything that is rotten and toxic in their lives.  It's like Mary when I told her she would carry the Savior of the world.  She treasured the news in her heart, not proclaiming from the mountaintops her selection as the mother of Jesus.  Remember that I said that people will see your good works, your light on a hill, and glorify Me.  I never said that you would glorify the fact that you had found a treasure.  In fact, Jesus said that the man covered up the treasure until he sold everything and bought the entire field.  I said to be perfect as I am perfect, loving, kind, merciful, forgiving, joyful, peaceful, kind, good, patient and bearing of the weaknesses of others.
    There are many things to consider in all of the parables of Jesus.  Consider every element in the instructional stories that Jesus told.  They are keys to My Kingdom.
    Your Loving Father 

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