Thursday, September 1, 2016


Dear One,
    You must always remember that I never withdraw My love from My children like humans often do.  My love is constant and is unconditional because I
 am Love.  Love is My character, My being, My DNA.  It is impossible for Me to withdraw My love from anyone no matter what they do or think.  However, My children often withdraw themselves from My love.  Most often, their actions are because of ignorance of the spiritual world around them.  They are ignorant of the truth that there are demonic spirits who tempt them to do the will of the devil instead of My will.  When My children are obedient to the devil's temptations, they authorize those demonic spirits to come between Me and My children, cutting off the benefits My children normally would have because of being My child. That is the real reason for the temptations of My children by the devil, to cut My children off from My blessings that are constantly pouring out on them from My heaven. (Isaiah 59:1-4)
    Unconditional love does not demand obedience because My love understands the pull of temptations to rebel against My advice and admonitions.  Jesus experienced such a temptation through some spies sent by the scribes and chief priests when they tempted Him openly to make a snap decision when confronted Him with a question about devotion. (Luke 20:19-20) They wanted Him to answer wrongly so they would be able to immediately arrest Him for treason.  The spies tried to trap Jesus when they praised Him first by couching their temptation in praise.  They said that Jesus said and taught rightly, never honoring one person over another, teaching My right ways.  They asked Jesus if it was lawful to give tribute to Caesar or not. (Luke 20:21-23)
     Their temptation didn't work and Jesus told them that He saw through their temptation.  He asked them to show him a penny and asked whose image was on it.  They answered Caesar's image was on the penny.  Jesus answered that they must give tribute to Caesar in the things that were Caesar's, but to give tribute to Me in the things that are Mine. (Luke 20:24-25)  Just like when Jesus was tempted by the devil in the wilderness, He knew the truth would astound them just like it caused the devil to flee from him. Sure enough, His accusers had nothing with which to accuse Him, so they held their peace.  Luke 20:26)
     Jesus was telling them that My children must not be rebellious against governmental authority, and they should pay taxes willingly.  However, their hearts must be devoted to Me because I am a good Father who teaches My children to obey the laws of the land because they are given for your protection.  Yet, extreme devotion to a nation or an official instead of to Me is dangerous for you because that nation and that official is of the world, shaky in its foundation and liable to be uprooted.  If you are unreasonably patriotic to either, you are in for a fall because no earthly nation or official is permanent nor are they godly.  I am the only unshakeable Entity in the world.  I am the solid foundation, the stable walls, the firm roof for your retreat, the everlasting presence of peace and stability for you.
    No where in My listing of the fruit of My Spirit will you find national patriotism as a fruit of My Spirit because everything that is of the earth is unstable, shaky and temporary.  If you are unreasonably patriotic to a nation or a political party or an organization, you are setting yourself up for a fall because there are no everlasting earthly nations or political parties.  They are temporary and subject to disappear because they are instituted by men and not by Me. (Hebrews 12; 26-29)
    My children belong to a heavenly nation that is unshakable, firm, everlasting and powerful.  Why would My children change their devotion from Me to a temporary and unstable earthly institution?  Only by the tempting persistence of the devil would they.  Yet, I told you through Jesus and I still tell you through My Holy Spirit to refuse to be rebellious against your nation by speaking against it, refusing to pay taxes, being divisive and prejudiced against people who are not of your nation.  I told you that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and causes you to be rejected from your blessings from Me. (I Samuel 15:23)  I do not reject you.  The devil causes you to be rejected when you become rebellious to My instructions to be peacekeepers.   Rebellion is always divisive.  If you bind yourself to division, you are divided from your rightful inheritance of kingdom living.
     It's easy for My children to follow My guidance in relation to the difference between nationalism and spirituality.  Pay your taxes to your nation but do not look to your nation or your political party to be your lord, the source of your happiness.  If you do, you change your loyalty from Me and My unshakable kingdom; instead, being loyal to an earthly entity which is only temporary, unstable and will eventual fall from its limited time of power in the earth.(Luke 20:25)
     You can't have two masters, being loyal to something that is of a shaky earthly institution and also being loyal to Me where your true citizenship lies.  Pay your taxes and obey the laws of the land, but do not firmly set your loyalties in something that is temporary; or, if you do, you will surely be shaken along with its being eventually shaken. (Luke 15:13)
     Take My advice.  Obey the laws of the land, but place your loyalties and devotion in My kingdom which will bring into your life love, peace, joy, patience, goodness, kindness and mercy.  Against those, there are no earthly laws. (Galatians 5:22-23)
     I am 100% committed and loyal to you.  Seek to be 100% committed and loyal to Me and you will have kingdom living while in the earth,
     Your Loving and Loyal Father

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