Saturday, September 3, 2016


Dear One,
    Jesus talked repeatedly about the pride and the arrogance of religious leaders and how they do not inherit My kingdom living while in the earth, which is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.  His concern was that My children would believe the errors that the prideful religious leaders taught instead of believing His truth. 
    Jesus asked some of the religious leaders why they said that Christ is the son of David, who was once their admired king.  He was wondering why they constantly wanted to make My kingdom of flesh rather than of My Spirit.  So Jesus cleared up the confusion by saying that David wrote a song once that said that "The Lord said to My Lord, 'Sit there at My right hand until I make your enemies a stool for your feet.' "  He appealed to their reason and asked them, "Since David called Christ his Lord, how can he be his Son?"  In other words, Jesus was telling them that only I could say to Jesus Christ, My first born Son, to sit at My right hand in heaven, not in the earth as the son of a human king. (Luke 21:41-4)
    After explaining that truth to the religious leaders, Jesus turned to the audience of people and cautioned them to beware of the scribes who desire to dress in long robes and walk among My children as teachers of high knowledge and degree of importance.  He reiterated again and again to those people to whom He ministered to beware of their own religious leaders because of their lack of truth.  In this setting Jesus went on to identify them as religious leaders who love greetings in the market place where they can be admired by people.  His warning was to identify the lack of humility in their leaders, pointing out their pride and arrogance.  Jesus said that the prideful leaders demand the best seats in the churches and the choice rooms in their many feasts. (Luke 21:46-47)
    Then He further identified the actions of the shallow religious leaders as saying that they take advantage of and deceive widows by their prideful displays and that they pray long prayers in order to deceive everyone.  Jesus then revealed their judgment by the devil which is condemnation.  He said earlier that they already have their reward, which is the admiration of people.  They know their shallowness and their deception and they are open to the guilt and condemnation of the devil who loves to make them prance around like peacocks, displaying their beautiful feathers and their verbose prayers.  Going into their closets to pray, as Jesus commanded them, was thought to be nonproductive by the Pharisees and scribes, because no one would be able to know that they were praying and praise them for their many words if they prayed in their prayer closets. (Matthew 6:5)
    The problem again, in the warning of Jesus, was that anything that is of the flesh is not of My Spirit and is prideful and arrogant, which is the personality of the devil.  Remember that one of the criticisms of Jesus by the religious leaders were that He ate with sinners and tax collectors instead of dining at their tables of gold dinnerware and served plenty of food. 
    Jesus taught that anyone who would be great in My kingdom would be a servant of people instead of a prideful, arrogant leader. My children who know Me serve love, acceptance, honor, peace, validation and grace to others.   In doing so, they cause My heavens to open and flood them with blessings. (Matthew 9:35)
    Mere theories of My existence as written in My Instruction Book are not sufficient for My children to overcome the evil that is in the world because of the devil.  It takes one-on-one, intimate fellowship with me and the infusion of My truth into the lives of My children, the truth of My love, My peace and My righteousness, which overcomes every act of evil.  My power is what overcomes evil, not the flesh based theories of people.
    I made it possible for My children to know Me intimately and it is through the indwelling of My Holy Spirit.  There is no other way.  My plan was anticipated for centuries, that being Christ in you, the hope of glory.  I live in the earth in My children who ask Me to live in them in the person of My Holy Spirit.  Humility and peace are the fruit of My Spirit of power and love.
    Your Loving Father

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