Thursday, September 29, 2016


Dear One,
    To be relieved of the fear of death is the ultimate gift from My Holy Spirit to My children.  I said that the fear of death causes a person to be held in lifelong bondage to the devil.  The cure for that fear is that Jesus Christ died in the flesh, rose from the dead and gave to My children the power and ability to also defeat death and also experience eternal life with Me. So there is no death but there is just a change of address from earth to My heaven where there is eternal love, peace, comfort and joy.  The change of address is not by distance, but it is by dimension.  I said that you are surrounded by My kingdom of heaven, so your spiritual resting place is easily accessed.  It's like moving next door from your present home.  (Hebrews 12:1 and 22-25)
    The fear of death is caused by a demon from hell who poisons the minds of My children with unreal images of judgment and condemnation. (Hebrews 2:14-15) Actually those two actions are reserved for the demons who torment My children.  Judgment and condemnation are only for the demons, the offspring of the devil who are at the basis of all sins.  Those demons are the ones who will experience fires and gnashing of teeth, not My children, only the demons from hell.  My children, who are created in My image, are destined for My heaven to live with Me for eternity in perfect love, perfect joy, perfect comfort and perfect peace.
    I said that because Jesus was tempted by the devil just like you are, He is able to help those who are tempted also, those people being every human being in the earth.  (Hebrews 2:17-18) It is My Spirit who provided the power for Jesus to refuse the temptations and to cast the tempting demons into hell.  It is the same today for you and My other children,  My Holy Spirit, who lives in you, will refuse the temptations and cast the tempting demons into hell   If you, instead, yield to temptations, My Holy Spirit of forgiveness will immediately obliterate and erase any record of those sins,  In My mind they never happened. 
    However, if you continue to hold the memory of sins in your mind, then that is another matter.  I said that what you retained are retained and what you forgive are forgiven.  You must do as I do to have kingdom living in your life, immediately forgive all infractions, sins, transgressions and iniquities, yours and those of other people.  I have no record.  The ony record is in the minds of My children, put there by the devil in order for you to continue in the toxic fear of death.      
    Through My Holy Spirit I provide the antidote for the toxic poison of fear of punishment in death which is put in the minds of people by the devil and religion.  I said that there is no fear in love because perfected love casts out fear.  (I John 4:18-19)  My children must realize, by revelation of My Spirit, that there is no punishment for anything from Me, no memory of bad things done, no book of offenses to which you must answer, no confession or profession of being sinners.  Instead, when My children know that My love covers all mistakes and sins, then there is no fear of death because they know that they will be in the presence of complete Love in whom there is no punishment, judgment or condemnation.  When sins become white as snow, they stay forgiven, no longer in existence.  Jesus died for the obliteration of all sins.  They stay obliterated in My mind. ( Isaiah1:18-19)  
    When you seek the revelation of My love for you, as Paul prayed, becoming intimately acquainted with the depth, width, length and breadth of My love, becoming deeply rooted and grounded in the revelation of My love, then you will be filled with the fullness of My nature.  
    I am Love.  Until you are firmly rooted and grounded in Me as Love, you are open to the tormenting fears of the devil.  (Ephesians 3:14-19)  The devil has no more entrance into your life by infusing fear into your thoughts when you know Me as Love instead of the devil's image that he puts in your mind of punishment, judgment and condemnation, which is a lie.  I am Love. 
    Ask My Spirit for a revelation of My Love.  Total freedom from fear will be the result when you allow My Spirit to teach you about My perfect Love. 
    The result will be that I will be able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you dare think or imagine, according to the power of My Spirit of Love that is in you.  (Ephesians 3:20) 
      Love covers all sins and I am Love. 
      Your Father of Constant Love

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