Thursday, September 8, 2016


Dear One,
     After His crucifixion Jesus told His followers several times that He would come back to them and He did, not once, not twice, but many times.  When the women told the disciples that the tomb was empty and that Jesus had risen from the dead, the disciples were not excited, thinking the story of the women was idle gossip, even though they remembered what He had told them. (Luke 24:10-11) Peter ran to the tomb to check out the story that the women had told to the disciples. (12)
    Two others went to another city and while they were discussing the current events together Jesus appeared to them and asked why they were sad. (Luke 24:13-20) One of the two commented that the man must be a stranger to not know what had happened in their city and he must be ignorant of the things which were to occur. The two told Jesus about the death of a great prophet and how it had been three days since the event and nothing had happened so far to redeem Israel, their beloved country.  They were still ruled by concern that Israel would have world dominance instead of being assured by Jesus previously that My promise is to all people, not to nations or denominations or religions. (Luke 24:21)  Jesus had formerly told them that His return would be visible to individuals on house tops or in the fields.  However, they told the stranger, who was Jesus Himself, that the body of the prophet had disappeared from its burial place.  Their hope of My kingdom coming to earth was to restore Israel to prominence, and it was their only concern. 
     Jesus called them foolish and asked them if they did not remember the prophesies concerning Him. (Luke 24:25-26) He gave them a quick course in explaining the prophesies concerning Himself all the way back to Moses.(Luke 24:27)  They rested later and that is when Jesus blessed bread, gave it to them and their eyes were opened and they knew whom He truly was. 
    Later, on the day of Pentecost when Jesus appeared to the many people who had obeyed Him and had gathered in Jerusalem for what Jesus had promised them was going to happen, they were still believing that the sacrifice of Jesus happened so that Israel would be returned to world dominance, and they asked Jesus, who had appeared to them again earlier, if that was the time that the kingdom would again be restored to Israel.  (Acts 1:2-8)  Their extreme patriotism had blinded them to My truth, the truth that I was to enter into their own spirits and make My earthly home in them, bringing My kingdom into the lives of individuals instead of a country.  The demon of extreme patriotism still blinds the hearts of people today, convincing people that their country is their savior. 
    As I told you in the past, I admonish you to be obedient to the governing authorities, rendering to your governing bodies what they legally require, but not looking to them to be your god.   Extreme patriotism is blinding because it is the spirit of idolatry.  It was evident in the Israelites at the time when Jesus walked in the earth and it is still evident in counties at this time.  I told you through Jesus to only give to your country what is required of it, paying taxes and being obedient to its laws, but do not give the devotion to your country that you would give to Me.  We are not the same entity.  I am the God of love, compassion and peace.  Countries have their own gods of war, conflict and domination.  I said you can't serve two masters.  You cannot put your complete trust in your country's government and also put your trust in Me.  They are most often opposed to one another. 
    Don't be like the Jews were at the time and still are, so blinded by the devil that they are still waiting for their Messiah to restore Israel to world prominence.  Jesus was crucified for the sins of people and He sent My Spirit into My children, not into the governing bodies of any country.  My Holy Spirit will show you who is important to Me and it's always the people who have been assaulted by the devil, the poor, the sick, the brokenhearted, the fainthearted, the demon possessed, the oppressed and the depressed. Most often, those people have been oppressed by their governmental officials who have robbed from them, enslaved them and put them into bondage to religious laws.
     Rejoice, the price has been paid for your sins and the sins of the whole world by Jesus Christ. (I John 2:2) 
     Rejoice!  He rose from the dead and We sent My Holy Spirit into the world to be received by those of My children who seek Me and My righteousness.  All things will be added to the lives of My children who become My righteousness through My Holy Spirit's indwelling them. (Matthew 6:33)  
     Rejoice!  My plan that was hidden from the foundation of the world has been facilitated.  It is Christ inside of you, the hope of living a glorious life in the earth and in heaven, free from the works of the devil and having the ability to enjoy complete communion with Me, the designer of your entire universe.  (Colossians 1:27)
      Rejoice!  If I am for you, then who can be against you?  No one.  Not even the gates of hell.
      Your Joyful Father of Freedom  

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