Saturday, September 24, 2016


Dear One,
    Freedom from tormenting passions of human emotions, judgmental thoughts, legalistic religious regulations and debilitating fears is the ultimate desire of every human being.  Freedom is the desire of the human heart that I put within every person.  The things of the earth that were cursed by the devil when Adam allowed him to take over the earth are the things for which Jesus came to earth to destroy and for which He died as the sacrifice for the devil's sins committed by people.   Freedom is craved by the human spirit.  
    I gave the antidotes for the poison of the words of the devil that enslaves people through tempting thoughts.  Those spiritual antidotes are My personal words which set you free. Jesus introduced that truth to His disciples when He told them that they must continue in His words and that if they did that they would be deemed His disciples.  Then He proclaimed the power of My words which is, "And you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free."  That promise is the foundation of My relationship with My children, that My truth will make you free from all of the works of the devil. (John 8:31-32)
    Jesus added emphasis and importance to His promise when He again said "verily, verily" meaning that they must listen to the truth that follows because it is of utmost important.  He said that anyone who yields to the words of the devil, which is commonly called the temptation to sin, that person becomes the servant of the devil, which every human being does.  No one is sinless.  (John 8:34)  However, Jesus promised that My words do not bring bondage to destruction and death but, instead, My personal words to you will bring freedom from the tempting words of the devil, those being negative, judgmental, accusatory, divisive, strife filled words, destructive words.  He said when He makes you free that you are free indeed. (John 8:35-36)   Freedom from fear and tempting passions of the flesh allow My kingdom to come upon you and in you to give you the abundant life that I promised. Jesus Christ died for you so that you would have kingdom living while in the earth and also in the spiritual world to come, which is My heaven. 
    The truths that Jesus spoke to the Jews were hard for them to believe because they were supposed to be My chosen nation.  He said that they were supposed to be Abraham's children but they did not do the works of Abraham that I commissioned them to do. (John 8:37-38)  The devil had been allowed to invade their minds and use My words given to their forefathers as the measuring stick of righteousness instead of being used as I told them, as a way to avoid the works of the devil.  Jesus told them that He only spoke what He saw Me speak but that they spoke what their father, the devil, spoke.  He told them that they were of their father, the devil, because they obeyed the guidance of the devil instead of the guidance of Jesus through whom I spoke words of liberation. (John 8;42-47)
    The Jews who were listening to Jesus again accused Him of not being of their nationalistic religion but instead spoke from a devil within Himself. (John 8:48)
    Jesus, operating in My compassion, told them that He didn't have a devil but instead He listened constantly to My words and so therefore was free from the influence of evil.  He said that He did not have a devil, but that they did have a devil because they dishonored Him, My Son. (John 8:49-50) Again He said for them to listen intently to His words.  He said that anyone who keeps His sayings will never die.
    The promise of Jesus was fulfilled in the person of the Holy Spirit who came to live inside of My children and speak My words to them which sets them free from every work of evil.  Jesus said whom He set free is free indeed.  There is no other way for humans to be free apart from the sacrifice of Jesus, the rising of Christ from the dead and His sending the power of My Spirit to live within human beings, through whom My personal, powerful, loving, freeing words become My guidance to anyone who accepts My Holy Spirit into their lives.
     When you hear My personal, revealed words to you, you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.  (verse 32)  There is no other avenue to freedom except through that path.  My truth makes you free, not just free but free indeed.
     Your Liberating Father                    

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