Thursday, September 15, 2016


Dear One,
    The importance of words is never completely revealed as to their importance until My Holy Spirit is able to explain it from the inside of you as your tutor.   Even though Jesus taught on that truth time after time, the eyes of My children are blinded to the importance of their words until My Holy Spirit is able to convince you of their importance. 
    Even the truth that I created the world with My words and everything in the world became evident and visual as a result of My speaking words, that truth will come to your mind only as a result of My Holy Spirit's tutoring.   Because you are My child and I have given you authority in the earth just like I have authority in heaven, your words have creative power in the earth. (Genesis 1:1-3; Genesis 1:26) Just like at the beginning when I spoke My words, the Holy Spirit and His angels gathered together the spiritual ingredients which compose material things, and the world was created.  The same is true today in relation to My children.  When you speak, there are either My angels or the devil's demons who are summoned by you to either curse or bless you and other people.
    When Jesus was teaching about blasphemy against My Holy Spirit, He taught on the importance of your words.  He said to either make the fruit, or words, of the tree good and its fruit good or make the tree bad and its fruit bad. (Mathew 12:33-34)  He said at the time that He taught this truth that their generation were vipers because of their words, identifying their words as coming from the devil instead of coming from Me.  The devil was the prince of the world at the time and he had cursed My children with evil thoughts, attitudes and deeds.  Jesus told the listeners that they are either condemned or they are justified by their words, either blessed or cursed by their words. (Matthew 12; 35-37)
    Your positive, merciful, loving words summon My angels to bring My blessings to you but your negative, judgmental, fearful words summon the demons from hell to bring curses into your life. It's that simple.  This is the day of judgment, when My children have the authority through the Holy Spirit in them to cast offensive demons into hell, judging them just like I judged the devil and cast him out of My heaven.  When you join with the devil by speaking his negative, unmerciful, judgmental and offensive words to others of My children, you speak them to Me, calling Me the same destructive descriptions. (Matthew 25:40)
    Later Jesus called a crowd to Himself in order to again teach them something of grave importance relating to words spoken.  (Matthew 15:10-11)  He said that it's not what goes in the mouth that condemns a person, that it's not breaking their restrictive diets as outlined by their religious laws or not washing their hands before eating that condemns them.  He told them what does defile them, and He was emphatic about it. He said that the words that they speak defile them.
     His disciples got upset that the Pharisees were offended by the words of Jesus because their dietary laws were of utmost importance to them, as was washing of hands before eating. Jesus told His followers not to be concerned about the Pharisees because they were blind leaders leading the blind.
     Immediately Jesus taught them in a more clear parable about the importance of the words they speak.  He told them that the food they eat goes through their bodies and then into the latrines. (Matthew 15:17)  But, He said, the things that you speak come from the heart and they defile you.  He said that your words identify the state of your heart and soul, and that those words judge you by summoning into your life either My kingdom to work for you or the devil's kingdom to work against you. (Matthew 15:18)  He said that evil thoughts of murder, adultery, fornication, thefts, lying and blaspheming all come out of the mouth and define the speaker who speaks them.
     The insight of Jesus was clear and concise, telling the listeners that there are things that defile a person, but that eating with unwashed hands does not defile a person, even though their religious teaching cautioned against it.  He reiterated time and time again the importance of the words that you speak, that if they are negative, demeaning, judgmental, divisive, angry words against someone, that you will be judged, condemned and defiled by those words.
      That parable was an important one, as is all of them.   But when you fully understand the power of your words, you will know that they either bring blessings or curses into your life.  Develop a filter through which you judge your words before you speak them.  That is why I told you to be slow to speak.  If you are in a hurry to speak, you will not judge your thoughts before you speak them and you will end up speaking negative words which curse yourself and your family.  But if you are slow to speak, you will have time to discern from where the thoughts come, from heaven or from hell.  The positive ones are from Me and you will be blessed if you speak them because they will be loving words which edify others (Ephesians 4:29-32)
     Your Father of Loving, Edifying Words      

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