Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Dear One,
    One of the benefits of My kingdom coming to live in My children in the earth as it is in heaven is the absence of judging in the minds of My children.  My Holy Spirit will work constantly to teach you that judging others will sow seeds in the devil's kingdom and return to you like judgment in the same degree.   Refusing to judge others will keep My children free from the judgment of the devil which brings destruction and death into the lives of My children and their families.  (Matthew 7:1-6)  The return of judgment upon you might not happen immediately or you would connect your judging someone to your being judged in return.  The devil is more subtle than that.  After you judge someone, he is busy, busy, busy working on eventually returning the judgment upon you so that you will not connect your judging others to the judgment that comes back upon you. 
     My children must make it a perpetual habit to bless and forgive everyone whom you deem failing to measure up to your religious or social standards.  If you don't make it a habit to bless instead of condemn and judge, you will slip blindly into the traps set by the devil to suck you into the habit of always judging someone's appearance, actions, attitudes, words, social status, culture, nationality or some other way.  If you do fall for the devil's trap, catch yourself before you are sucked into the quick sand of condemning the person.  You must cast that tempting demon of judgment into hell where there is gnashing of teeth.  Learn from the experience and judge the demon instead of the person.
     The only judgment that I teach My children is the judgment of discerning of spirits.  In discerning of spirits you are judging between My promptings and the devil's temptations.  I give you insight into the demonic spirits that are ministering to others so that you will realize that their negative actions, words and attitudes are not from themselves but they originate in hell, just as the temptations for which you fall also originate.  Judging others is the most effective snare of the devil because he uses religious laws as the measuring means for you to judge others.  The laws were not meant for you to judge others but for you to be able to discern the works of evil in the world so that you will avoid them.  Yet, the devil uses them to tempt you to judge others.
     Jesus made it even more clear in His teachings.  In His teachings about loving your enemies, He described your kingdom actions and reactions toward other people. (Luke 6:27-38) Loving your enemies, doing good to those who hate you, turning the other cheek when stricken, if someone steals from you then you give him more than he took, don't ask for anything back that has been taken from you.   He said that what you desire that men do to you, that you should do to them. Because of the spiritual principle of seed sowing, what you do to them will be done to you in return so you should do good things to all people.
     He said again to love your enemies, do good to others, lend without requiring anything in return and your reward will be great.  You will be identified as My children because I am kind to the ungrateful and to evil people.  Being merciful to religious and social lawbreakers is being merciful and forgiving just as I am.
    Again Jesus reiterated that you must not judge or you will be judged in return with judgment instigated by the devil.  Jesus said not to condemn others or you will be condemned.  Instead, He said to forgive and you will be forgiven, sowing seeds into My kingdom of forgiveness. 
    Gardens grow like crops.  If you sow into the kingdom garden of the devil you will reap plants of judgment from his garden upon your life, things which judge and condemn you.  If you give love, forgiveness and are merciful to everyone, then you will reap the same attitudes into our life from My garden of love.  It's called My kingdom living.  Jesus said to give to others what He has taught you, love, forgiveness and mercy, and you will receive in return the same virtues pressed down and running over will people give to you.  You will reap the same degree that you have given.   It's impossible not to inherit My blessings when you operate from the fruit of My Holy Spirit inside of you.
     It is the same with judging and condemning others.  When you judge and condemn people, you will receive the same judgment and condemnation pressed down and running over from other people as led by the devil.  Your health will be affected, your relationships will be affected, your family will be affected and your length of days upon the earth will be affected.
    Jesus called judgment and condemnation snares.  Traps is another word for snare.  The devil sucks you in by tempting you to judge others and then judges and condemns you for your actions.  My judgment of discerning of spirits will alert you to his temptations if you are walking in the Holy Spirit.
    Blessing others is just as easy as judging others.  You just need to be alert to discern judgment thoughts.  When they come into your mind, immediately bless the person and send the judging demon to hell.
    Your Father Who Delights in Blessing You.

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