Friday, September 30, 2016


Dear One,
    I have told you the benefits of becoming My child, born of My Spirit, baptized in My Spirit and guided by My Spirit,  While in the earth you enjoy My love, My joy, My peace, My mercy, My forgiveness and My goodness.  When you come to live with Me in My heaven, you enjoy freedom from all evil, freedom from troubles, freedom from worry and frustration.  While in the earth, the more you depend upon My Holy Spirit, the more He tutors you how to be worry free, trouble free and free from evil workings while you live in the earth. Your brother Jesus told you that you will have tribulation while you live in the world because of the presence of the devil in the world, but He said that He had overcome the workings of the devil and that you can, too.  (John 16:33) Only with the power of My Holy Spirit in full operation in your life can you destroy the works of the devil just like your loving and powerful brother Jesus did.(I John 3:8)   It is the same powerful Spirit who lives in you who lived in Him.
    I told you some things that you will not have while in the world when you are in Christ Jesus, those being negative, demonic and destructive things.  We talked yesterday about your having no fear when you are rooted and grounded in My love because My love casts out all fear since fear of death comes from fear of punishment.  I asked you to become firmly planted on the foundation of Love from Me because I am Love.  Since I do not see sins because of the covering of the blood of Jesus over the earth which bought forgiveness for you from the devil's works, I have no record of your sins and transgressions of religious and civil laws.     I see you white as snow.  (I John 2:2; Isaiah 1:18-9)
     Another benefit from being while as snow as My child as far as I am concerned is that there is now, while in the earth, no effective condemnation for you from the devil.  That means that you can refuse all condemnation that comes to your mind from hell as an effort to bring you again into slavery to evil.  (Romans 8:1-2) Instead, you can proclaim your righteousness that comes from My Spirit who lives in you and so therefore you are white as snow as far as I am concerned.  (Romans 8:3-6) 
     The only provision necessary for you to be able to throw that truth of "no condemnation" in the face of the devil when he condemns you is that you are born of My Spirit and that you are endeavoring to be guided by My Spirit.  Profess to the devil that you are My child, not his child, and that I made you pure and blameless in My sight by having Jesus suffer the punishment for all of your sins.  The payment was made by Jesus and there is no more need for condemnation on your part by your yielding to the condemnation of the devil whose desire is to beat you down and make you feel condemned and guilty.
    Tell the devil when he condemns you in your mind that there is NO CONDEMNATION for you because you are a new creature with My Spirit living inside of you. (Romans 8:9-10) Even when you miss the mark by yielding to the temptations of the devil, there is no condemnation to which you need to succumb because there is instant forgiveness for you when you forgive yourself.  (John 20:20-23)  You are already forgiven as far as I am concerned because of the covering of the blood of Jesus who suffered that you might not suffer guilt and condemnation.
    When you do something that under the old religious laws required punishment and condemnation, instead of repenting with wailing and begging for forgiveness, you must take the path of My righteousness which is spreading love abroad in the world.  Instead of wailing from the spirit of condemnation, choose My path of love which is what real repentance really is, reversing and taking the good path which leads to My blessings. 
     Repentance is to become loving instead of selfish and self seeking, becoming a peacemaker instead of being a sower of strife, becoming joyful instead of repenting in sacks and ashes, becoming patient with other sinners, people who yield to the devil's temptations.  Repentance is showing goodness to everyone, just as I am good to you.  It is always My goodness that brings a person to repent.  So It is also your goodness that brings a person to repentance.  (Romans 2:4)
     Be guided by My Holy Spirit inside of you and refuse all condemnation.  I make the path straight for you.  Walk on that path that leads to the abundant life, free from fear and condemnation.
     Your Life Giving and Forgiving Father         

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