Saturday, October 1, 2016


Dear One,
    Jesus told His disciples that when He cast out a demon from a person with My finger, that being My Holy Spirit, then My kingdom would come upon that person.  In other words, that person would be able to have My kingdom living while he or she still lives in the earth. (Luke 11:20)  The principle behind that truth is that as My children who have My Spirit living inside of them get rid of all of the demonic influences in their lives, they will experience My kingdom living more and more as each demon is defeated and sent to hell. 
    As in the beginning when I gave a replica of My kingdom, called earth, to My children I gave them complete dominion and authority over it, My kingdom living was normal to the first man and woman. (Genesis 1:26-31)  But when the man Adam allowed the alien spirit, the devil, to enter into the world and curse it with his evil works, then the earth and humans became cursed with evil. (Genesis 3:13-19)
     Later when Jesus died for the sins of the whole world, sent My Holy Spirit with His power and authority into the lives of My willing children in the earth, it became possible for My children to have kingdom living again in the world.  The avenue through which that happens is that as they get rid of more and more of the devil's evil works in their lives by the power of My Spirit, then the more of My kingdom living is available to enter in and make their time on earth what I intended it to be at the beginning, a paradise on earth.  When the devil's influences are overcome, temptations are refused and the demons are cast into hell, My children have chosen My loving ways over the devil's ways, making Me the Lord of their lives instead of allowing the devil to be lord of their lives. (John 8:43-45)   As you allow Me to completely fill My position as Father in your life, I am able to flood you with My kingdom benefits. (Matthew 6:10)
     As you defeat the devil's evil works in your life, whether they are from generational curses or from your yielding to sin, you again have the authority in the world to choose My blessings instead of ignorantly choosing curses. You will choose My ways and live the abundant life, but it comes into your life by your defeating the devil's works, refusing to do the evil temptations and sending the demons behind them to hell.  There will be no avenue through which you can be made to feel guilty because all sins are forgiven and obliterated.  You won't choose guilt over validation and affirmation from Me.  Guilt will have no power over you to make you feel inferior and worthless.  Guilt will lose its power because you are under My loving grace and favor instead of under the old covenant of sin and death.  Remember that sin gets its power from the religious laws of sin and death.  (Romans 7:5; I Corinthians 15:56)  When you have abandoned religious laws and are motivated by My love, there are no laws with which the devil can declare you guilty.
    When you refuse the temptation to return evil for evil done to you, then you are free from the devil's guilt.  When you return love for evil done to you, then you will experience kingdom living while in the earth because you have chosen My ways over evil ways.  The result of choosing to do My will is that My kingdom will flood into your life.  When you refuse the temptation to hate your enemies but instead you begin to love them with My love, then you again refuse to do the devil's work of hatred to another of My children and you begin to inherit My kingdom living while in the earth.  When you do good to your enemies, you refuse to do evil temptations sent to bring curses upon you. (Matthew 5, 6 and 7) Doing good to your enemies begins to bring My kingdom living into your life.  Refusing to judge others but instead forgiving them and blessing them will defeat evil and bring kingdom living into your life. 
    Every time you refuse the devil's temptation to do evil to another person, but instead you cast into hell the demon that is behind the temptation, you open the door to My kingdom to be manifested in your life more fully.  When you do acts of unselfish love to others, you are choosing My kingdom to become more and more present in your life.  I said that faith without the works of love is dead.  With My power of My Spirit in you, you will always do works of love.  Barriers that have been placed by the devil in the road from My Heaven into your life will be removed when you do works of love in the earth.  Kingdom living is the result.
    The wonderful thing about doing My will in the earth as a result of My kingdom coming into your life in the person of My Holy Spirit is that there is no fear, no condemnation and no guilt.  There is only love and validation of you as My child.  My kingdom that surrounds you will be evident and real to you in your life.  (Hebrews 12:1)
    My desire when I sent Jesus into the earth is that My children would defeat the devil's works just like Jesus did so that they will inherit My blessings while they live in the world as well as in the world to come in My heaven.
    I intended kingdom living for you while you live in the earth.  It begins by your recognizing the works of the devil, refusing to do them, and sending the demons to hell who tempt you. My angels come to usher them into hell. (Matthew 13:41-43)
    Then you will shine in the earth with My righteousness because you have become love, as I am Love and I will be glorified.
    Your Father of Love 

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