Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Dear One,
     My Holy Spirit wrote through Paul and Peter important instructions that Jesus and I had given to them personally, Peter when He walked with Jesus and Paul when He spent several years alone with Me in the desert.  All of the teachings of Jesus and all of the admonitions of My Holy Spirit are to aid you in making sure that you have all of the keys for obtaining kingdom living while in the earth.  Every key that unlocks the doors to prosperity for your spirit, soul and body are included in those teachings and admonitions.  Not one is left hidden from My children.  I told you that the One who knows the thoughts of My mind is the Holy Spirit because the spirit of a person knows all of the thoughts of the mind of the person.  (I Corinthians 2:9-16)
    You can easily, by learning the keys to My kingdom living, have success in every area of your life.  Jesus died so that you might access My blessings in every facet of your life and My Holy Spirit can show you how to operate as My child while you still live in the earth.  Peter said that I have given to you everything necessary for the abundant life and My godliness, or My righteousness which assures your inheriting My blessings while in the earth.  (II Peter 1:3-5)
     Some of the most precise keys that I have ever given to My children that helps them obtain kingdom living while in the earth are the ones given about the creative power of your tongue which can bless your life if you speak My words of life or the words which can curse your life if you speak words put in your mind by the devil.  My Holy Spirit said that My children should let NO CORRUPT COMMUNICATION proceed from your mouth, but only words which are good and edifying to the hearers, so that the words might minister grace to them.(Ephesians 4:29)  Then He amplified the importance of His instructions by saying that you grieve the Holy Spirit if you do corrupt your own future with negative words because My Spirit is always prompting you to speak uplifting, positive, validating, loving words.  It grieves Him and grieves Me when you speak negative, corrupt words because when you do speak negative words you curse people and you curse yourself because you are shedding abroad in the earth the devil's curses.
      Consider these teachings as serious business because they are so emphatic.  I want you to inherit all of My blessings which are already stored up for you, but when you choose to spred into the earth the devil's negative, corrupt words you are cooperating with him to curse the earth like he did in the beginning. 
      My Spirit repeated again His admonition about the importance of your words when He wrote that you must let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor and evil speaking be put away from you, along with the malice behind them.  When He said to "put away from you," those words, he was talking about casting into hell every negative word that comes into your mind before you speak to anyone or you will corrupt their lives and your life with negative words. (Ephesians 4:32)
      Earlier in that admonition, My Spirit said to put on the new, redeemed man which God created in righteousness and pure holiness when He gave you My Holy Spirit to live inside of you.  He said to put on your newly created spirit which is empowered by the presence of My Holy Spirit in your life.   With the power of My Spirit in you He said that you can be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving of one another, even as I have forgiven you.  In other words, He said to put on My true character, My true personality, My true temperament of love.
     He said to "put off" the old man to which you were formerly loyal, the one who  was corrupt with deceitful lusts.  (Ephesians 4:12)  Instead, He said to put on the new man of righteousness and holiness by being renewed in the spirit of your mind.  (Ephesians 22:13)  Obviously, you can take off the old man and put on the new man by an act of your will or I would not have told you to do it.  You can choose to act as the devil would act or you can choose to act as I would act in trying situations.  When you act with love and forgiveness, you have chosen the narrow way which leads to life and soul peace.(Matthew 7:13-14)
      My forgiveness has already erased the corrupt words from My sight, but they are still roaming the earth cursing others instead of blessing them.  In return, your life will be cursed because of the corrupt seeds you have sown.  However, your intercessory prayers can uproot those seeds and cast them into hell if you will dedicate yourself to interceding. 
     Jesus and My Holy Spirit are perfect teachers.  They have your best interest at heart, just as I do.  Heed their words and My insights and you will have kingdom living while in the earth.
     Your Father of Blessings

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