Thursday, October 6, 2016


Dear One,
    Joy is always the cure for sadness and depression.  You have a choice between sadness and joy just like I said that you have a choice between blessings and curses. When sadness from hell invades your mind, remember that there is a cure for the depression.  Isaiah, the prophet, gave the perfect and effective way to choose between sadness and joy, that is to always choosing joy.  He said that it is with joy that you will draw healing waters of victory over sadness out of the wells of salvation that are already within you in the person of My Holy Spirit.  (Isaiah 12:2-3)  Jesus said later that He gives the healing waters of My Holy Spirit to all who come to Me to receive My abundance of joy.  (John 4:10 and 13-14 and 23-24) 
    Isaiah said that choosing to praise Me instead of choosing to wallow in sadness is the cure, the antidote for all sadness.  He said that in the day when sadness invades your mind that you must call upon Me and declare My wonderful ways that I have to solve your problem, and then begin to praise Me for My insight into the burden which you have taken on which is the reason for the depression.  (Isaiah 12:4)   He said to add to the praises your songs of joy that exclaim My wonderful works in your life.  In doing that, you switch channels from the hell channel where the sadness and depression originated and you switch channels over to the channel of LOVE, My family's kingdom, glorifying and magnifying Me instead of glorifying and magnifying the devil and his actions with the sadness. 
    Another instruction from Isaiah in effective ways to defeat sadness and depression are to scream very, very loudly, shouting how great you know that I AM, how powerful you know that I AM, letting the devil know that I have power over all sadness and depression and professing that I will bring joy from My Holy Spirit who lives inside of you, bringing joy into your mouth as well as into your mind. (Isaiah 12:6)  Deafen the ears of the devil with your praises to Me.
    Jesus told His followers that when persecution comes upon them because of His name, that they are blessed because their rewards are great. (Luke 6:23)  He was talking about the tribulations that the devil brings into your life in an effort to defeat you, those being strife in your family, losses in business, confusion between friends or relatives, anger from your mates, rebellion from your children, all of those being the devil's bringing curses into your life in an effort to catapult you off of your faith in Me.  Jesus told you to not only rejoice but to leap for joy, knowing that a great reward is on the pathway to you if you remain full of trust in Me.  (Luke 6:23)
    After Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead, appearing to many, many people before coming back to Me, His followers worshiped Him.  Upon His coming back to My heaven, they went to where He told them to go, to Jerusalem, waiting for My gift to My children, the gift of My Holy Spirit coming to live in them.   (Luke 24:51-53)  Instead of being depressed and sad because Jesus had left them, they rejoiced with great joy and worshiped Me, trusting that what Jesus said would come to pass. 
    Jesus had told them earlier that if they would do what He advised and commanded them to do, that they would remain in His love.  He said that the things He told them to do, if they did them, would bring into their lives the fullness of My joy.  That command was that they love one another as I love them.  (John 15:10-15)  Loving others with My love brings the completeness of joy into your life.
     When tribulations come into your life, as they will do, praise Me, sing praises to Me, shout your praises for My wonderful works in your life, cry out for joy, scream loudly your trust in Me.  Then, in addition, also love others as I love you.   Your joy will be complete eventually and you will be able to love unconditionally just as I love you.
    As the first inking of sadness or depression begins to invade your mind, instead of yielding to the sadness and depression you must begin to counteract the negative emotions with positive ones of praising Me, singing praises to me, shouting your dependency upon Me, declaring your trust in Me and leaping for joy that I am your loving Father.  Loving the people who the devil used to bring the trying situation into your life is a huge key.  Loving others as I love you will increase your joy to its fullest.
    I gave you in My Instruction Book the cure or antidote for every work of evil that will come to defeat you.  My Spirit will alert you on how to apply each antidote.  It starts with praise, thanksgiving, jumping for joy and loving others.
     When you choose joy instead of sadness, you become Hercules in the heavens because I said that My joy is your strength. (Isaiah 12;2)
     Your Joyful Father         

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