Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Dear One,
    Hatred is an insidious emotion that binds you to the person who has either offended you or your family, opposed you or your family, injured you or your family,or persecuted you or your family.  When you have a demon of hatred, you hate someone just because that person is of a different nationality, a different religion, a different social group, a different political party or one who has a disability that offends you and makes you uneasy. 
    Prejudice is the result of a spirit of hatred.  Knowing that prejudging a person is still judging the person, you have formed an opinion without knowing the person.  Judging is knowing a person and still wanting the person to suffer for either being whom he is or doing something that offends your social, political or religious beliefs. Unfortunately, judging other people, all of which comes from hatred of some degree, will result in your being judged in return. (Matthew 7:1-6)  Seeds sown in the earth always return to you in like kind. 
    Jesus said that when you are filled with My Holy Spirit, that love will be your motivating emotion, that being My unconditional love working through you.  So, hatred has no place in the lives of My true children.  Even when His followers chided some people for coming close to Jesus, He told the disciples that what they did to the least fortunate of the people, they did to Him.  You must remember that admonition of Jesus, that what you do to the least fortunate of people, you do to Me.  (Matthew 25:40; Matthew 18:10-14)
    Make it a habit to extend validation and love to everyone, especially to those people who are of low financial and social status.  Those are the people to whom Jesus ministered and whom He said He came to earth to save.  (Matthew 25:45)  Jesus said that what you did not do to the least fortunate people, you also did not do to Him. 
    Hatred is from hell.  Love is from Me and My heaven.  Jesus said that people had formerly been trained to hate their enemies but to love their friends.  He said that even if you are angry with another person that you are in danger of hell's fire.  (Matthew 5:43-48)  He said that you should love your enemies, blessing them instead of cursing them, doing good to those people who do spiteful things to you and persecute you.  He even said that those actions of love will identify you as My children because I make it rain on the just and the unjust.  He said that if you only love those who love you, that even the politicians do that, and He said if you only salute your friends with a  greeting, that the publicans do that so you are not doing what love does, which is to love your enemies and those who persecute you, offend you or oppose you.
    Hatred has no place in the lives of My children.  The people who hate others have not found the righteousness that I told them to seek.  They are My children in name only, not in actions. 
    To be able to inherit My kingdom living while in the earth, you must kick all forms of hatred out of your life and send those thoughts and attitudes to hell from where they came.  My true children spread unconditional love in the earth.(John 13:34-35; John 20:23)
    When tempted to hate someone, do what Jesus taught you to do:
             BLESS THEM;
                FORGIVE THEM;
                DO GOOD TO THEM;
                PRAY FOR THEM;
                EXTEND LOVE TO THEM;
      Become one of My true children because you know Me intimately enough to become just like Me by spiritual osmosis with the ability to love others as I love you.
    Your Father of Total Love 

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