Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Dear One,
    The antidote for fretting is to trust in Me.  Fretting is worrying, which is mental activity in which your mind tries to figure out how to solve an earthly problem that can only only solved with My spiritual knowledge and power.  Fretting is caused by the knowledge of good and evil, which is the devil's domain in which he combines some basic truths with volumes of errors, as he did when he tempted Jesus.  The worrying and fretting that invades your mind is put there to take away all trust and faith in Me.  Persistence in robbing you is the devil's constant activity.
    The only real and lasting solution to all problems comes from Me through the tree of life in you, who is My Holy Spirit.  I have the solution to all problems, conflicts, accidents, injuries, mistakes, sins, transgressions, etc., because I created the world and I created people.  I know how to perfect everything that concerns you. It is the devil who comes to rob, kill and destroy you.  The way he gains entrance is to get you involved in strife and conflict.  Then his next activity is to interject into your mind some fretting and worrying about the situation before you can seek Me for a solution that will solve the problem.  If the devil can successfully entice you to worry and fret, your thoughts are on the problem instead of on Me and My power to solve the problem and eliminate it.  When you succumb to the fretting, then the problem stays earthbound instead of being successfully placed into My hands to work My marvelous solutions.
    Jesus outlines this truthful scenario when He told His followers that nobody can serve two masters, that he will either love one and hate the other or he will hold onto one and despise the other.  He said you can't serve Me and also serve the devil when he invades your thoughts with worrying and fretting.  You must make a choice.  Hopefully you will choose My thoughts of faith and trust in My spiritual solutions. (Matthew 6:24)
    Twice Jesus said "therefore".  Something important is about to follow when Jesus said "therefore."  (Matthew 6:25-30)  He said, therefore. for you to not even take or accept into your mind any thought for your life, what you will eat, what you will drink, or what you will wear or worrying about what you can do to solve a problem.  He said that life is much more than food and the body is much more than clothes.  He gave examples, the birds of the air and the lilies in the field, and how I care for them.  He said that I will take much better care of My children than the birds of the air.  If you notice, He said that you should not "take" any thought into your mind relating to worrying and fretting.  To "take" something, one has to take it from someone or something.  Jesus was cautioning you not to take into your mind any thoughts from the devil of lack, of need, of conflict, of strife, of anger, of doubt, of unbelief, of worrying or fretting.  Instead, He said not to take any negative thought into your mind and then say the negativity out loud because that will invite into your life the devil's negative works which will curse you.  (Matthew 6:31-32)  
      Jesus says that the unbelievers fall for the devil's tricks and accept into their minds his temptations to become engaged in worrying and fretting.  He assured the listeners, you included, that I know what you need already.  I can only enter the situation and do My wonderful solutions if you will depend upon and trust in Me instead of taking the devil's negative thoughts into your mind and begin to expect more of his destructive works.   INSTEAD, Jesus said to seek Me and My righteousness and all good things will be added to you.  He reiterated that you should not take any fretting or worrying thought from the devil into your mind about the future.  Seek Me and My solutions and you will have My kingdom living in your life. (Matthew 6:10)
    I understand that it's hard for you not to try to help Me in troubling situations by trying to interject your own ineffective solutions into a troubling matter, but your worrying and fretting interferes with My work and takes away your own belief, faith and trust in Me.  You snatch the matter out of My hands and start your own plans which never work because they are in union with the devil, taking into your thoughts his worrying and fretting.  (Psalm 37:1-20)
    My Holy Spirit gives you the power to remain in faith and trust in Me.  He gives you insight in which you will rest and not strive.  Trust in My Holy Spirit's led prayers through your mouth to accomplish everything that you want, wish for and desire.   I provided the supernatural power for you.  Take His advice and have kingdom living while in the earth.
    I trusted you with My Holy Spirit.  You need to trust Me to solve your problems by being led by My Spirit and praying in My Spirit.(Romans 8:13-14; Romans 8:24-28)
     Your Power Giving Father

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