Monday, October 10, 2016


Dear One,
    One of the devil's most powerful weapons against My children is the demon of lust.  (Matthew 5:27-28) Lust manifests itself in lust for riches, lust for power, lust for control, lust for material things, lust for importance, lust for sex, and lust for something your neighbor has which you don't have.  It manifests itself in envy and jealousy.  The demon of lust enters into a person in various ways, most often through the lust for sexual activity.  Its origin is from hell and it captivates the minds of My children until they are consumed with its thoughts and compulsions which come to master the minds of My children.  Jesus said that those thoughts must be plucked out and cast into hell or they will bring every curse from hell into your life. (Matthew 5:29-30)
    Lust for riches will cause a person to steal, rob or cheat other people to satisfy his or her own lust.  Lust for power will cause a person to seek a superior position of authority over others in order to feel important and fulfilled.  Many people become slaves to the satisfaction of another person who is compulsive in his or desire for power over others.  Lust for control comes from the lust for power and it wants to control everything about the lives of other people.  Dominating bosses and superiors often are controlled by that demon of lust for control and they seek to physically and emotionally enslave others. 
    Very often husbands or wives will want complete control over their own children, breaking their wills, and those parents will beat their children into submission in the name of religion.  That is from hell, not from me.  It is the demon of lust for control and it is a practice in most false evangelical religious groups.  (Colossians 3:21)  A shepherd never beats his sheep or he will ruin the fleece which is to be sold.  He uses the rod to beat off the wolves.   Parents should use My rod of righteousness in prayers to spiritually beat the devil off of their own children.  A shepherd uses the staff to gently guide his sheep out of the thicket in which it has been caught.  Parents should use their staff of righteousness to gently lead and rescue their children from the clutches of evil.  That is why Jesus called himself the Good Shepherd of the sheep because of his gentleness toward His sheep. (John 10:11)
    Envy and jealousy are fruits of the demon of lusting for the possessions of others.  I said that where there is strife and jealousy there is every evil work.  I said "EVERY EVIL WORK," that being every demon in hell will come flooding into your life when you become envious of others.  (Jame 3:16)  Coveting the possessions of others opens the door for the devil to flood your life with his demonic spirits.  Covetousness will put you at strife with the person you envy and a house divided against itself will not stand.  James taught in My Instruction Book that you don't have things that others possess because you do not ask Me for them.  (James  4:1-3) He said that there are wars and fighting because of your lusts that at war in the members of your body.  He gave a complete picture of what happens when lust takes over your mind, whether it is lust for sexual pleasure, control, power, envy or jealousy. 
    James gave the perfect way to resist thoughts of lust.  He said to submit yourself to Me first of all, then to resist the devil with his lustful thoughts and he will flee from you.  He said to always draw close to Me, cleanse your thoughts and purify your hearts by casting into hell all thoughts of lust of any kind because if you allow lust to take over, you will experience hell on earth, as programmed by the devil.  (Matthew 5:29:30)
    My desire for you and all of My children is that they take My advice and refuse to entertain the devil's lustful temptations of all kinds that he puts in your thoughts.  I do not condemn you if you yield to them, but I am grieved that you will have to endure the hell that the lustful thoughts bring.  I will gently lead you out of the hellish thicket that the devil has pushed you into.  I do it with My words.  Jesus told His followers that they were cleansed by His words.  You are cleansed and purified by My words to you. (John 17:17)
     Take My words into your thoughts instead of the lustful thoughts from hell. My words bring the abundant life and happiness.  I have written My instructions to you so that you will be conscious of the devil and how he lures you into his hellish activities.  My Holy Spirit will convince you of his lures and his ways and that they are sent to curse your life with destruction.  My Spirit gives you the power to refuse the lusts of the flesh.  (Matthew 13:22-23)
     My Holy Spirit works continually to see that you inherit 100 fold of your inheritance, which is kingdom living with a blessed life.  Cooperate with Him and you will live heaven on earth.  (Matthew 6:10)
     Your Loving, Tutoring, Protective Father  

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