Monday, October 3, 2016


Dear One,
    When I told My children not to avenge themselves, but instead to let Me seek vengeance for you, what that involves on My part is mercy for both parties, forgiveness for both parties and for the end result to be that both parties will  become prosperous in spirit, soul and body. (Romans 12:14-18)  The degree of your coming out of the toxic situation as a winner is the degree to which you will forgive the person yourself.   Giving Me permission to avenge you means that you have trusted Me to fix the toxic situation so that you come out on top.  Allowing Me to seek vengeance means that you give me permission to execute judgment on the demonic spirits which caused the problem.
    When My children choose to seek vengeance themselves, they actually are allowing themselves to return evil for evil done to them which results in a full blown war in My family, seldom between two people, because more people are sucked into the disagreement and it can escalate into involving many, many people.  Someone in the situation has to eventually seek Me and allow Me to avenge him or her and solve the situation.  When that happens, I willingly enter the situation and send My angels of peace to minister to the minds of the people involved. (Matthew 5:44-48)
    If the emotionally, mentally or physically injured person is you and if you choose to bless the perpetrator and do good to him or her, then you are days and hours and minutes ahead of the good end results brought if you had merely allowed Me to avenge you.  When you do what Jesus told you to do in loving your enemies and doing good to them, you increase My ability to quickly solve the problem and you enhance My ability to avenge you because you have shown that you have forgiven the person and you have released the situation to Me.  In doing good to the person, you have tenderized the heart of the person and My actions of speaking to the person's thoughts in order to impress the person to have loving thoughts toward you are multiplied.  In your vernacular, a spoonful of sugar from you towards the one who opposes you helps the spiritual medicine that I administer to the person go down deep into their minds, changing them from being your enemy to being your friend. 
     When you seek to avenge yourself, you multiply evil in the situation, but if you allow Me to avenge you by your doing good to the perpetrator, then we have worked in unity to bring a solution to the problem and everyone wins because the troublesome situation is solved.  My Holy Spirit gives you the impetus and the power to do good to someone who has opposed you in some way.  Then My Spirit takes His angels of mercy to the perpetrator and We feed peace into his or her mind so that the person thinks that peace is his idea instead of Mine.  That's okay with Me.  I am willing to share the honor.  Peace is My desire in every relationship that you have with people.  (Romans 12:19-21)
     The temptation will always be for you to desire to avenge yourself because the devil will never give up in his efforts to engage you in conflict because where he can successfully sow strife and conflict he can pour every demon into the situation and destroy the mental stability of everyone involved.  That mental instability is the beginning of destruction of other areas of your life.
     Nip in the bud every thought of avenging yourself against anyone's injurious or opposing actions toward you.  The beginning of your allowing Me to avenge you is when you choose to immediately forgive and bless the person who opposes you because you know the person is innocent but the devil is guilty of the offense. (Ephesians 6:12) When you do that and then ask me to avenge you, you give Me permission to bring My kingdom into your life and into the life of the person who opposed you, fulfilling the words of Jesus to forgive others and to love others as I love you. (John 20:22-23; John 13:12-13)
    I am the creator of the world and I have the solutions to all of the problems caused by the devil.  (I Corthinthians16:I3)  Listen to My personal words of salvation to you which save you from all the works of evil in the world.(I John 3:8-14) After all, I am your Loving and Protective Father.
    Kingdom living in the world depends upon your not avenging yourself but allowing Me to avenge you with mercy and forgiveness for everyone.
    Your Forgiving, Saving Father   

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