Saturday, October 29, 2016


Dear One,
     Grace is My unmerited, divine favor toward all of My children; those being sinners, transgressors, the righteous, the unrighteous, those who commit iniquities, those who are deceived religiously, those who are separated from Me, those who are united with Me, those who are believers, those who are unbelievers, those who male, those who are female, those who are virtuous, those who are diseased, those who are healed, those who are law followers and those who are law breakers.  My grace has nothing to do with any actions of My children that are in the earth and My creation because of Adam's disobedience.  My grace is poured upon humanity and the world that I created because of My love for My children and My creation.  My grace is never limited because of what a person does.  If it were, then I would not be unconditional Love.  Grace is the outpouring of My love, what I generously do towards My creation, having nothing to do with what My creation does toward Me.
     It is in the presence of the weakness of the flesh of My children that My grace is make perfect, resulting in forgiveness, mercy and compassion. (II Corinthians 12:9-10)  Grace is the power that pours from Me to My children that is available to them when they are weak in their own power, devastated, beaten down and defeated, diseased or demon possessed.  My grace never asks questions of a person to inquire whether the person believes in Me or not.  When anyone calls upon Me for help, My grace in the form of My help is given immediately.  It is sufficient for whatever the circumstance is.  I never ask for a qualification or give a litmus test to check the devotion of the person who calls upon Me.  I merely provide My divine power to save that person.  (Acts 2:21) When Jesus and His disciples served their tours in the earth, they never sought to qualify anyone to receive healing, deliverance of demons or being raised from the dead.  They just went about healing, casting out demons and comforting the brokenhearted.  It is merely the need of the person and the fact that the person has called upon Me for My help that is important.
     My grace is not limited to the need for forgiveness and mercy.  My grace is the issuance of My supernatural, spiritual power any time My children are weak in their own power.  The apostle Paul was weak in human power to overcome a human frailty in his flesh that caused him consternation.  When he called upon Me, I told Him that My power that is available because My unmerited favor toward My children would give him victory over his weakness, resulting in overcoming the work of the devil in his life.  I showed him how to overcome the demonic thorn in his flesh instead of merely telling him to bear up under it.  My power was made perfect in his weakness, as it is in every person who calls upon Me.   Because of experiencing My victorious power that is always available to My children, he said that he rejoiced in every trial or tribulation after that because he had experienced My power which overcomes every adversity.  (II Corinthians 12:10)  In his weakness he was made strong by his receiving My supernatural, spiritual power which eliminated the problem.  He said that he gloried in his infirmities so that My power would rest upon him and overcome the ensuing tribulation.
    Grace is not just a sweet little word that assures you of My favor toward you.  My grace is My power that is given to you under every trying problem in the world.  Grace might come in the gift of healing, the gift of miracles, the gift of wisdom, the gift of knowledge, the gift of praying in tongues or the gift of prophesy. 
    My unmerited favor toward all of My children is always manifested in My power to eliminate problems and other works of the devil in your life.
    It was the power of My Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead that enabled My grace to be poured upon all of humanity.  It is the power of My Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead that saves every person who calls upon Me for help.  It is the power of My Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead that overcomes every problem in the lives of the people who call upon Me.
    Yes, the power of My Spirit that is resident in My favor toward you is sufficient to make you victorious in every situation and circumstance. The ways that I orchestrate the victories will always astound you and you will be delighted that I rescue you again and again.
    My grace can never be separated from My power.
    Your Gracious Father

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