Sunday, October 2, 2016


Dear One,
    When My Holy Spirit of peace comes into your life, He provides the power for you to never engage in strife again, strife being the emotional attitude that ushers every demon from hell into troubling situations between people.  (Romans 13:12-13)  When My children are attentive to the words of Jesus and are guided and empowered by My Holy Spirit, the quest for peace is always utmost in their minds.  But, if there are contentions, disputes and discords in families, between churches, in the marketplace, in businesses, in political parties and between nations, then My children are not walking in My Spirit of peace but are walking as led by the devil's demons of pride and strife.  Kingdom living is then not possible because I cannot work where there are strife and discord.  I work abundant blessings where there are peace and unity between people.
    My Holy Spirit was the power in Jesus Christ who caused Him to be called the Prince of Peace.  Peace is the spiritual atmosphere in My heaven and I desire that peace become the spiritual atmosphere in your earth, promoted by you and My other children who are born of My Spirit.  There is no other way for My peace to permeate the earth except through My children who are truly transformed into My children of peace.  I said that the peacemakers are blessed and are called My children.  (Matthew 5:9)  If you want to be blessed, then you must become an emissary of peace in every area of your life.
    If you will examine the definition of the fruits of the demonic led flesh of people, as noted by My Spirit, you will see that strife is on an equal footing with adultery, fornication, wrath, heresies, envying, murders and drunkenness. (Galatians 5:19-21)  Then I told you again that it is impossible for My children who do such things to inherit kingdom living while in the earth. 
    I do not withhold My blessings from you or anyone.  Instead, My children wallow in the destructive curses of the devil because they have chosen to be led by his demon of strife which ushers in all manner of evil spirits.   My children have very often chosen evil over good because of their pride and desire to be right in a situation.  Instead of anyone being right, both parties are wrong because strife calls in its other evil demonic cohorts into the situation and, as the saying goes, all hell breaks loose in their lives.  That is a true and real scenario of what happens when My children engage in strife and contention, all hell breaks loose.
    By the same ratio, when My children bring peace to every situation in their lives, peace will call into their lives every one of My distributing angels of good and perfect gifts that I give to My children which are prosperity in every area of life, making you financially prosperous, prosperous in good relationships, prosperous in mental stability, prosperous in health, prosperous in peaceful family life, prosperous in friendships, prosperous in every area of life.
    With the power of My Holy Spirit, My children have the spiritual ability and spiritual power to become peaceful and loving in every situation and in every relationship. 
     You must always be cognizant of bringing peace into every situation and relationship, even if it calls for apologizing when you think you are right, asking for forgiveness even when you feel you have done nothing wrong, becoming proficient in gift giving to your enemies which bring peace, and praying for those people who oppose you, which sends My angels to minister peace in their thoughts and turns their thoughts to keeping peace with you.   
   Strife is a bully and engaging in it makes you act like a bully.  Peace comes from Me and makes the peacekeepers spiritual heroes because they bring peace to the world.  They are known as My children. 
    You must, minute by minute of every day, choose between being the devil's bully or My child of peace, a hero in My family.  You will be tempted and tried many times a day to engage in the devil's strife.  By the power of My Spirit you must recognize that the temptation to engage in strife is from hell and that strife  wants to create hell in your life. 
     When even a tiny thought of strife and contention with anybody enters into your mind, cast it into hell and do the opposite thing.  Instead of engaging in strife, promote peace and love between you and everyone, give love gifts of peace to contentious people before you become trapped by strife into reacting to their strife with more strife.  Jesus told you what to do and My Spirit gives you the power to do what Jesus taught you to do.  (Ephesians 4:3-6)
    It is possible to have no strife in your life. My Spirit gives you the power to live a strife-free life.  Determine to enter into peace with everyone.  When you do, it is heaven on earth to you because it actually brings My heaven on earth into your life because you have done My will. (Matthew 6:10)
     Your Peaceful, Forgiving Father

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