Sunday, October 9, 2016


Dear One,
    There are several kinds of stressors.  There are incidents such as family requirements, obligations that you have undertaken, duties that are a normal part of your life or your occupation, governmental requirements and other light stressors that are a normal part of life.  Those stressors are easily handled if you do not procrastinate in performing them.  If you procrastinate, as led by the devil, then you have signed up with him to make them more serious stressors, ones which add damaging stress to your life because you have waited until the last minute to perform those duties and then your peace of mind is affected.  You have put undue demand upon your endocrine system and negative hormones are spewed into your body.  (Proverbs 20:4) What could have been only mundane duties have been turned into damaging stressors.  Being prudent in performing your duties in a timely manner is virtuous and prevents being stressed. (Proverbs 15:24)
    Jesus coached you on how to avoid more damaging stressors which come from hell to engage you in binding yourself to an oath or a promise that is not easily attainable.  (Matthew 5:34-37) When the due date comes without your having performed the oath or promise, there is great stress upon your entire soul and body.  That is why Jesus said not to take an oath to do something.  You have no idea what extenuating circumstances will come up that will interfere with your performing your oath or promise.  (Proverbs 17:18)
    Every insight and caution that I gave to you through Jesus relates to kingdom living in the earth, ways to avoid the things that the devil introduces into your life that will curse you.  Jesus said that taking an oath which obligates you to do something or making a promise which binds you to an obligation are evil. (Matthew 5:33-36)  Jesus said that the way to avoid signing up for stressors which produce damaging results in your body is for you to merely let your yes mean yes and your no mean no when someone asks you to be obligated to do something.  In the event that something comes up that disrupts you from doing the duty, then the devil has no reason to condemn you because you have neither taken an oath nor made a promise, which creates stress in your mind and body if you are unable to perform what was promised.  You have not bound yourself to another person or an organization or a church or a club with an oath when you only let your yes mean yes and your no mean no.  Jesus said anything more than that is brought by the devil to enslave you to your promise so if you cannot perform it you will be condemned, stressed and suffer in your body and mind.
      My Holy Spirit reiterated this truth and valuable caution through James when He repeated the caution of Jesus not to swear to do something.  James even said, "Above all," which means that the following truth will keep you from problems  He revealed that the requirement to swear to do something or take an oath or make a promise would cause you to fall into condemnation if you swear to do something and then cannot fulfill that obligation.  (James 5:12)  You can just as easily say that yes, you will try to do it, or yes, you will if it is convenient at the time, or no, you can't do it.  When you are pressured to swear to do something or take an oath to do something or promise to do something, remember this caution of Jesus and My Holy Spirit.  In order to take care of your mind and your body, let your yes mean yes and your no mean no.  When you are pressured to swear to do something or promise to do something and feel so spiritually weak that you can't just say yes or no, tell the person that you will have to think about it for a while.  Then wait for My instructions because I know the demonic temptation to please others instead of follow My valuable instructions which lead to the abundant life.  I will amplify the, "No," in your mind.
    Kingdom living is at stake here.  Taking the advice of Jesus always leads to My blessing your life on earth because the advice instructs you on how to avoid the works of the devil in the earth.  When you don't take My advice and instead you yield to the temptation of the devil to please people who are being used by the devil to lead you into damaging stress, you are signing up for a life of damaging stress and hell on earth.
     I said if you love Me that you will keep My words that I speak to you in an effort to protect you from evil, the same way you teach your own children how to avoid evil.  You must follow My instructions in order to avoid stress which overcomes you and can kill you.
     My words bring life.  Oaths, promises and swearing to do something will cause condemnation and guilt which bring destruction to your body and death.
     Make sure that the desire to please people is not more important than My words of caution to you.  Make My words of utmost importance to you and you will live a healthy, stress free life, which is what I desire for you.(John 15:9-14)
     Your Tutoring Father     

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