Friday, October 28, 2016


Dear One,
    My seat in the heavens is called the Mercy Seat, the seat of pity and compassion for all people, believers and unbelievers. (Luke 1:72; Romans 15:9)  My heart is tender toward the people who are in need of pity and compassion because I see the need for mercy rather than seeing any sins.  I know the propensity of My children to yield to the devil's temptations because of Adam's original disobedience in allowing the devil into the world that I created for My children.  I know the weakness of the human wills of people because of ignorance of the works of the devil that are present in the world and I know the lack of power that people have in resisting temptations. Because of My mercy, I extend My love and My blessings to everyone.  (Matthew 5:44-45)  That is why I told My children to love their enemies and to do good to them, so that they will be known as My children.  I said that I make the sun to shine on the evil and the good and I make it rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.    
    My seat in the heavens was never a judgment seat for any human, only judgment for the demonic invaders in the earth who tempt people to do the devil's will so that he can judge them with his destruction and death.  I administered judgment upon lucifer when I cast him out of My heaven.  Now he wants to pass that judgment on to My children by enticing them to do his will instead of My will in the earth. 
     My mercy toward My children is everlasting.  There is no end to My mercy.  There never was a beginning to My mercy because I am Mercy; therefore there is no end to My mercy and compassion for My creation.   Because of My mercy for all people, there is peace available to everyone because of the knowledge that I am filled with understanding and compassion instead of judgment.  When you are founded on the truth that My mercy toward all people is constant, never wavering, then you can extend the same mercy and compassion that I extend to all of My creation.  My mercy is said to be the covering of My seat in heaven and other times it is said to be My footstool.  The covering of the blood of Jesus Christ for the sins of the whole world is what I see in the earth instead of the evidence of sin.  He became the Mercy Seat when He paid for the sins of the world with His death and resurrection. (Romans 3:23-25)
     Because of your security in the knowledge of My mercy and compassion for you, you are called upon to be merciful and forgiving to everyone.  What you have freely received, you should also freely give. (Matthew 10:7-8; John 20:21-23)  When Jesus Christ breathed on His disciples so that they might receive My Holy Spirit, He explained to them that they then had the power to forgive the sins of anyone and they also had the choice of retaining the sins of anyone.  That was the responsibility that He gave to them, to be merciful and forgive sins because He had paid the full price for the sins of the whole world.
     Jesus told the scribes and Pharisees that the devil's woes were upon them because they had obeyed the religious laws perfectly but they had neglected mercy, justice and faith. (Matthew 23:24-25)  Justice is declaring the devil as the guilty party instead of My children.  Justice is also declaring all of My children as being white as snow, forgiven.   The religious leaders and the politicians of that day had become judgmental and condemning of people rather than being merciful and compassionate to them.
     When My children neglect mercy and compassion, they are denying My true character of mercy.  When you become merciful and compassionate toward the law breaker and the sinner, you have become filled with My true character, where mercy and compassion reside.  Forgiveness is an extension of My mercy.
     Become merciful toward everyone and you will be recognized as My child, the inheritor of My blessings.
     Your Merciful, Compassionate Father           

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