Saturday, October 22, 2016


Dear One,
    The song writer David wrote that his cup of blessings runs over because I am his Shepherd.  He knew that I have an abundance of all things for My children, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  He knew that the more diligent he was to listen to My personal guidance and wisdom, that the more fortunate he was to be in a position to be blessed with My benefits.  He knew that My wisdom and guidance is given for that purpose, to lead him to a place of peace for his mind, calmness for his emotions, joy for his spirit, plus health and prosperity for him physically. 
    David had found that all human wisdom had failed him, left him powerless over illness and ill fortunes.  He came to Me for My wisdom, My insight, My instructions, My Fatherly advice and My constant guidance. He did not look to religious tenets or political beliefs to be his counsel or His salvation. That is why is it said that he was a man after My own heart.  He sought communion with Me, as evidenced by his writings, and he listened to My guidance and followed it. As a result, he professed that his cup of blessings ran over again and again.  His cup wasn't half full, a quarter empty or even full.  My blessings cup of life, which he constantly held out to Me to be filled, was not merely filled, but it constantly ran over the top.  
       David knew that My communication with him was through My Holy Spirit.  He said that I anointed his head with oil.  Spiritual oil is always indicative of My Holy Spirit.  He wrote that his portion of the oil of My Spirit was not limited, but that it poured over and over into his mind.  He said that because My Spirit anointed his mind with My wisdom and knowledge, that I anointed his entire being, physically, mentally, emotionally and physically.   He knew that merely anointing his head with My Spirit one time, only filling him to the top once, was not enough.  He knew that I needed to pour him filled to overflowing over and over again with My words of guidance.(Psalm 23:5)
      Also, David amplified this truth, his total dependence on Me through My Spirit, many times in his writings.  In the words to his first song recorded in his song book, he professed that a person would be blessed abundantly if he or she refused to hear the counsel of scoffers, the scorners or the wicked, but that the person must delight in My words, meditating day and night on My written words to My children. He said that if a person delights in My words day and night that that person will be like a tree planted by the waters, drawing nourishment constantly from the stream.  He said that My children who meditate on My written and personal words to them will bear fruit in due season and their leaves will not wither and die.  Then he made a declaration that is hard for My children to believe.  He said that that person will prosper in all that he or she does.  He said ALL that he or she does.   Prospering in all that he or she does is having their cups running over with My blessings.
     There are trees that are planted in the desert plains whose roots are not deep alongside a stream of water. (Psalm 1:1-3)  David insinuated that those trees are dependent upon someone to water their roots from a water jug, never adequate enough to wet and nourish the trees adequately, so their leaves wither and their fruit is diseased and deformed.  There are many of My children who depend upon other people to teach and tutor them, never seeking My personal wisdom and knowledge themselves. Their roots are shallow because they are neither rooted and grounded in My love for them, (Ephesians 3:14-20); nor are they knowledgeable about My power.  (Ephesians 1:16-22)  Only My Holy Spirit can reveal My love and My power.  (Mark 12:24)
    That is why David told you to meditate on My words day and night, so that My Holy Spirit will reveal to you all truth, giving you My wisdom and knowledge relating to everything in your life.
    Don't be like the trees on the desert plains who must wait for someone to water them from a water jug occasionally.  Your fruit will be unpalatable and your life will wither like the dry leaves.  But if you are planted by My rivers of living waters, always seeking to hear My words to you, then you will be rooted and grounded in My love and My power. Through those revelations, your cup of blessings will always overflow and you will want for nothing, just like David said when he professed that I am his Shepherd and that he wants for nothing.
    Allow Me to lead you to that place, where you are in need of nothing because ALL of your wants, desires and needs are met abundantly.
    Your Loving and Benevolent Father 

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