Saturday, October 8, 2016


Dear One,
    Because of the blood of Jesus that was spilled at his crucifixion onto the earth for the sins of the whole world, I place no blame upon people for their offenses against others an Me.  His blood was shed on the earth for their forgiveness, so I see their forgiveness instead of their sins and trespasses.  Since all offenses are nonexistent in My sight, there is no blame for people.  If I do place blame, it is placed on the devil and his demons, as you can see when Jesus cast evil demons out of people when He ministered in the earth.  He said that the physical illnesses, the mental illnesses and the spiritual illnesses were caused by the devil's temptations which led them astray to do his will.  In order to heal them, by the power of My Holy Spirit Jesus cast out the demons and the people became sane, free of the demons and revitalized by the presence of My kingdom coming into their lives. (Luke 11:20)
    When Jesus forgave the sins of the man who was paralyzed and the man was healed, Jesus showed that He placed the blame for the man's paralysis on the demons who were tormenting him.  He merely told the man that his sins were forgiven and then told the man to take his mat and walk.  The man did walk because Jesus forgave the man for the demons being present in his body and His forgiveness released the demons who caused the paralysis. (Matthew 9:2-7)  Again Jesus confirmed that He did not blame the man, but He blamed the demons for the paralysis.  He didn't accuse the man by saying that he had made a wrong choice in life or say that the man was dirty, unclean, possessed by demons or anything that would place blame upon the man.  Instead, Jesus forgave the man, just as I forgive everyone, and the man was healed.  The origin of the paralysis, the demons, were released from the mind and body of the man.
    In order to digest this truth, you must realize that sin is not something that a person does, but it is a label for the source of the action which is the devil and his demons.  Sin is a spiritual entity, not actions by people.  All sins come from the father of sin itself, the devil.  So Jesus made it possible that the source of all sin, the devil and his demons, would be able to be cast out of a person by the power of My Spirit and sent into the abyss.  All actions of My children that are done as a result of yielding to the temptations of the devil are covered by the blood of Jesus and are nonexistent in My eyes. (Luke 22:20)  If you make them existent in your eyes instead of forgiven, then you resurrect the demons and give them power to work in your life and the life of the person whom you blame. (Matthew 16:19)
     How magnificent is the substitution of the body and blood of Jesus for your yielding to sin, the devil's temptations.  It is truly magnificent that I can separate the person who yields to sin from the origin of the sin, which is the devil and his demons.  My desire is that you do the same thing, that you separate the actions of sins from the person who yields to demons of sins, and place the blame on the devil and his demons.  In doing that, all people who have yielded to sin become white as snow in your eyes just as they are in My eyes.  (Isaiah 1:18-19) 
     I said that when you become white as snow in My eyes, that you will eat the good of the land.  That depends upon your giving the same grace to others that I give to you, forgiving them as I forgive you. (Isaiah 1:20; Matthew 6:12; John 20:21-23)
     No blame, no offense, is what I want you to remember as far as thoughts towards yourself and your thoughts toward others.  Your battle is not with people but with the principalities and powers who tempt them and you. (Ephesians 6:12)
     Praying in My Holy Spirit will execute My will upon the earth which is forgiveness for all sins and casting the demons into the abyss. (Luke 8:30-31)
     No blame, no offense for others will result in no blame and no offense for you because there will be no judgment on your part. (Matthew7:1-2)
     Your Forgiving Nonjudgmental Father 

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