Monday, October 24, 2016


Dear One,
     My will for My children is that they strive for only having good thoughts, attitudes, words and actions while living in the earth.  In doing that, all of the seeds sown in your garden of life will grow good plants which will make your life on earth a pleasure and a joy.  The way to sow goodness in life is through allowing My Holy Spirit to grow inside of you the fruit of My goodness which will benefit everyone in the earth.(Galatians 5:22-23)
     I said that it is My good pleasure to give you My kingdom.  Make it your aim in life to always give to other people the validation, the attention, the help and the goods that will fulfill a need and take burdens off of them.  I will give you guidance in what to give.  From the scripture above, I said it is My good pleasure to GIVE.  Love always gives from the heart and in giving to others there is great pleasure.  When you start giving to others, you will find that your heart will swell with spiritual pleasure.  So giving to meet a person's need is the first step toward having good pleasure in your thoughts.  (Luke 12:32)
     Forgiveness is one of the divine and good attitudes that I ask you to have.   I ask you to forgive others instead of seeking vengeance.  Forgiving means giving forward, getting rid of any avenging thoughts of getting even with anyone for any wrong you have suffered.  Forgiveness lightens your own heart and gives you great pleasure which enriches your body, soul and spirit.  Forgiveness will free you as well as freeing the person whose actions have hurt you.  (Ephesians 1:7-10)  I said that forgiveness brings unity between heaven and earth under Christ, the Victorious One.  What a wonderful event, when there is unity between heaven and earth because you have forgiven others as I have forgiven you.  With that clear path from heaven to earth, it is easy for Me to share My kingdom with My children.
     Make it your good pleasure to have good thoughts, good attitudes, to speak good of, and to do good actions toward the least of My children because in following those instructions you fulfill the admonitions of Jesus Christ who said that what you do to the people who have the least benefits in life you do to Me. (Matthew 25:40)  Your doing good to them increases My benefits in the lives of the less fortunate people and they open their hearts to Me. 
     The fruit of goodness from My children opens more doors to a person who needs My love than preaching and quoting scriptures to them.  First, goodness must tenderize their hearts toward Me.  Then your testimonies of My goodness will increase their faith and increase joy within them. 
     To be judgmental toward someone never led that person to open his heart to Me.  The devil has already condemned the lawbreakers enough.  You don't need to increase their self judgment.  What you need to do is validate their lives, letting them know that they are important to you and to Me.  Giving validation and forgiveness will perform miracles in their lives and cause them to open the doors of their hearts to Me.
     Giving out of the goodness of your heart is not limited to money.  Giving includes giving forgiveness, validation, compliments, attention, building their moral integrity and their expectations of a better life.
     Goodness and giving go hand in hand in order to allow Me to do miracles in the earth.  I sent people to you to aid Me in becoming a reality in your life.  Go and do the same in the lives of others by choosing good thoughts, good attitudes, speaking good words and doing good actions toward everyone.  Your garden of life will flourish. 
     Your Good and Forgiving Father  

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