Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Dear One,
    Forbearance is a dirty word to My children because it means to bear up under adversity.  No one wants to think about having adversity in their lives, even though your Brother Jesus told you that in the world you will have tribulation, but to rejoice because He had overcome all tribulation.  (John 16:33) He was telling you that with the power of My Spirit within you that you will be able to overcome all tribulation and adversity, also.  You live in a world which was turned over to the devil by Adam, and when you live in an enemy zone there are always shells flying around you and bombs falling from the sky.  Yet, Jesus said that He overcame all of that and so can you.  (John 12: 31)
    His encouragement did not say that you would be left alone with no help and that you must bear up under adversity on your own strength which is always weak during adversities.  Jesus knew that after His resurrection from the dead and His ascending into My heaven to sit down at My right hand that He would send the same Holy Spirit with His supernatural power into My children who ask for Him.  Jesus knew that the Holy Spirit is the same power that was going to raise Him from the dead, the same Spririt that cast out demons from people and healed them.  He knew that I was not leaving you powerless but that I was going to send My most powerful arsenal and weapon into My children to make them equal in power to Jesus, an innumerable amount of more power than the devil who is the father of adversity.  (Acts 1:4-8)
    So when you read in My Instruction Book about forbearance being a fruit of the Spirit, instead of being fearful that adversity will come upon you, rejoice that it will be an opportunity to defeat the devil and become victorious  in every area of life. Think of it as your being a warrior in a war with your spiritual enemy, the devil,  and you are equipped for war with the most powerful weapon ever created which has the most explosive and authoritative power in the universe.   A warrior is only as courageous as his or her most powerful weapons.  You have the most powerful weapon ever, My Very Own Spirit. (Ephesians 1:18-22)
     Forbearance has another function that comes from My love and covers over (overcomes) the sins that the devil causes other people to commit.  It means that you will bear their burdens, their mistakes, their sins, their differing opinions, their persecutions, their offensive actions, their religious doctrines, their political leanings and their rudeness, bearing them without judging or reacting negatively toward the person.  You can do that because you know that the devil is behind their actions instead of the person. (Galatians 6:2-5
     Forbearance means that you will be forgiving with everyone in your life just as I am with you.  Forbearance means looking over the imperfections of their flesh and seeing the real person, who is their spirit.  It takes My Holy Spirit to do that for you, blotting out all transgressions and seeing only the needs in people for My power and abilities.  Go and do likewise.  Fulfill the words of Jesus Christ.
     Your Forbearing Father    

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