Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dear One,
    I told My children at the beginning before the devil entered into the world that they had the choice between good and evil, between blessings and curses. (Genesis 2:17; Deuteronomy 11:26-29) I was talking about the choice between doing the will of the father of evil or doing My will, your Father of Love.  That choice has never been rescinded because the devil is still active in the earth.  However, I gave My power to My children to defeat the works of the devil.(I John 3:8) 
   In the beginning, I knew that if My first created man, who was created in My image, were to choose evil over good, that he would allow evil spirits to run rampant in the earth and then every person in the earth would have the same choice, whether to obey the voice of evil that tempts a person and leads to destruction and death, or whether to obey My voice of goodness that leads My children into a wonderful life of blessings.  The choice remains in their lives every minute of the day. 
     I even gave, as a gift to My children, the power of My own Holy Spirit so that they will have the power to refuse to obey the voice of the devil and through My Spirit they have the power to become My images in the earth, as it was in the beginning of the earth.  Until My children are schooled by My Spirit in recognizing the voice of temptations as coming from hell, they are not capable of using the power that I gave to them because they are often deceived.  For instance, Jesus revealed this truth when He taught that religious laws taught not to kill, but He said that if you  become angry at another person, calling that person an insulting name, then you are in danger of the fires of hell. (Matthew 5:21-23)  The fires of hell do not come from Me, of course.  They come from the devil who is eager to temp you and then to judge you for following him into hell by becoming angry with someone because anger and killing are from the same demonic kingdom. 
    Jesus said that the way to overcome a temptation and establish goodness in the earth is for you to forgive a person who does wrong to you, blessing the person and also doing good acts toward the person.  In doing those things, you are demonstrating My image in the earth, confessing to the demonic kingdom that you are going to follow My ways instead of its destructive ways. It is demonstrating your loyalty to Me and My peaceful ways.  It is demonstrating your choice of doing what I advised you to do instead of what the devil tempted you to do.  It is the demonstration of power that comes from Me.  It is saying to the heavens and to the earth that you are My child, intent on doing My will in the earth because you know the difference between the kingdom of death and My kingdom of life, and that you are choosing life.  (John 8:44-45)
     So your confession of faith in Me, which separates you from the devil's work, is more than a verbal confession that I am your Lord.  There is a necessity of demonstrating your faith in Me by doing what My Son Jesus told you to do by performing the works of faith as well as confessing your faith in me.  Confessing that you belong to Me and that Jesus is your Savior are only the beginning.  The working of your faith in Me requires that you follow My voice that is always speaking to you from your spirit.  My voice of liberty and freedom will tell you how to shed all of the works of evil which have plagued you from the beginning of your life, the mental programming as well as the evil actions.  My voice of liberty will tell you how to become free from the works of the devil, just like Jesus did, and give you the power to do what is My will, which will become kingdom living for you while you live in the earth as well as in My heaven.
    James said that if you have My power of faith inside of you but if you don't do the works in the earth that are taught by My Holy Spirit to you, loving others as I love you, then you are deceived and you make yourself ineligible to inherit My kingdom living while in the earth because you are not doing what the power of faith, who is My Holy Spirit, trains you to do.  You are still choosing evil over good.  You are refusing to become My image in the earth by bearing the fruit of My Spirit.  (James 2:14-26; Galatians 5:22-23)
     So faith is not only confessing your allegiance to Me.  It is following the training that My Holy Spirit desires to do in your life so that you can have a happy, successful, prosperous life.  Your doing My works of righteousness in the earth is the culmination of your confession of being My child.
     Your Loving, Tutoring Father 

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