Friday, November 4, 2016


Dear One,
     I said that My children perish for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)  My wisdom and knowledge are available through My Instruction Book and through My Holy Spirit.  They are gifts from Me to My children given in order to make your life in the earth blessed with peace, joy and love. 
     The knowledge of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the sins of the world is plentiful in the earth, in the papers, in movies, on TV, in the churches on almost every corner of every town and in books, etc.  However, the wisdom and knowledge relating to kingdom living in the earth are rare because they are spiritually discerned.   Loving everyone as I love you is rarely taught.  Instead, fear of judgment and punishment is often taught.  The gospel of fear is more often taught than the good news that My kingdom came to earth to live in people when I sent My powerful Holy Spirit inside of them. The good news is that you can overcome evil in every form with the power of My Holy Spirit, just like Jesus did when He lived in the earth.  (I John 3:8-12)
    My children are commanded to have faith by their leaders as if faith were a human endeavor.  It's not.  Faith comes by hearing My words to you.  (Romans 10:17; Hebrews 11:1)  Faith is the spiritual power to believe something that comes as a result of hearing My personal words to you.  Abraham was the first person that I championed as having faith and his faith came because he heard My personal words to him.  I even said that he believed My words to him and it was credited to him as righteousness.  It put him on My side in the earth in the battle between good and evil.  (Romans 4:3)
     My children need to gain wisdom and knowledge from Me about the spiritual world, My kingdom in you and around you, which I send to work in your behalf.   You are not alone in your dedication to pray for your family.  You are not alone in your efforts to save your family from destruction.  I have given to you angels as servants who will do My bidding in an effort to save you and your family from the works of evil that are present in the world.  (Hebrews 1:7)  I said that the angels are servants sent to minister to those who are inheritors of My salvation.  (Hebrews 1;14) In other words, the angels are servants given by Me to minister to My children to protect, to provide, to reveal, to assist Me in every way in bringing kingdom living into the lives of My children.
      I said that you must not neglect such a great salvation, that of knowing about the servants that I have given to you to aid in your living graciously and triumphantly in the earth.  People don't worship their servants.  My children don't worship their angelic servants, but they are grateful to Me for the ability to have assistance in their daily lives.  Also in attendance with the angels are the spirits of those saints which have been made perfect.  Moses and Elijah appeared to Jesus and assisted Him in his struggle with dying on the cross. I sent My most reputable saints to encourage Jesus so that He would not lose heart and back out of My assignment to die for the sins of the world.  I send angelic hosts constantly to assist My children, making them victorious in their lives. (Hebrews 12:1; 22-24)
      My Holy Spirit wrote that you must pay close attention to that truth because if every message of Mine through angels was binding in the old covenant, then you must not neglect the salvation that came through the Lord with signs and wonders, gifts of healing and miracles, in the coming into the earth of the Holy Spirit to live in My children.  My Holy Spirit gives His commander in chief orders to My angels when you pray in His tongues, orchestrating My will in the lives of My children in answer to their prayers to Me. (Romans 8:24-28)
      The workings of the chain of command relating to My kingdom is clear.  The world was given to My children and therefore they have authority in the world again since Jesus took that authority away from the devil when He went to hell.  Jesus sent My Holy Spirit into the lives of My children with the authority that I gave back to them in the person of My Holy Spirit who distributes power to My children and through My children in the earth.  You have the power to make your enemy, the devil, your footstool. 
       Learn all of the resources that you have to which you were formerly blinded.  Do not neglect such a great salvation!
       Your Father Of Great Provisions 

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