Saturday, November 19, 2016


Dear One,
    I included in My Instruction Book valuable instructions on every thought, attitude, word spoken and action performed that identify you as My child, qualifying you to inherit all of My kingdom living while in the earth.  I want you to have one hundred percent of what I have set aside as your inheritance while you live in the earth, not having to wait to be with me in heaven for you to have everything in My treasury that I set aside for you as your loving Father.
    Certain of My obedient children have written revelations that lead you to find the narrow way that leads to the abundant life of which Jesus spoke so frequently. (Matthew 5:1-12; Matthew 7:13-22) In order for you to collect your inheritance there are thoughts, attitudes, words and actions which identify you as My child, legally able to qualify you to receive everything that is in My will for you.  Jesus died that you might have them.  I set them aside for you and it's My good pleasure for you to have them.  I did not make the way narrow for you to find them.  Your enemy, the devil, makes the way narrow but your Brother Jesus cleared a narrow path through the curses for you to be able to enter into the abundant life and enjoy it, as I intended when I created the world for you.
    Your enemy, the devil, made the path wide that leads to his destruction and death and most of My children ignorantly follow that path in life.  They adopt his binding religious practices and political discord and expect for Me to bless their lives.  It is impossible for Me to bless people who have chosen the devil's way of life instead of My way of life in the earth.  Many of my children revel in the devil's woes that are in the earth even after Jesus warned them that the words of the angry, hateful religious leaders and politicians would bring the devil's curses to them. Even after receiving My power to defeat the devil, even after I gave them spiritual eyes to see, they refuse to hear My Holy Spirit's gift of discernment which discerns good from evil.  They follow the crowd to destruction even while My Spirit is warning them to open their spiritual eyes and recognize the devil's temptations to do his will.  My children seek power over other people in the earth in their religious organizations and political parties, which I did not give them, but I gave to them power over the works of the devil whose identity and works they don't even recognize in themselves. They become wanderers in the earth, wandering year after year after year around the mountain as the children of Israel did because they did not heed My Fatherly guidance and Fatherly advice.   They constantly have woes and wonder why.  It's because they listen to deceived humans and the voice of the devil in their thoughts instead of listening to Me.  How can they be identified as My children when they choose to live in the devil's pigpen instead of in My castle of spiritual riches.
    My Son Jesus introduced My virtuous ways to My children, telling you not to return evil to someone who does evil to you but instead for you to overcome evil with good.  Yet, My children act as though Jesus was deranged, asking the impossible of them.  Jesus was trying to tell you how to access your inheritance and it is never by doing evil toward anyone.  My children blow that advice of Jesus right out of the water, thinking that it is virtuous to stand up for themselves and return evil when someone does evil to them.  If someone hits them, they hit back.  If someone insults them, they insult back.  If someone strikes their child, they teach their child to strike back at the person.  They take advantage of the poor in business practices and call it being successful.  In doing those things, My children are saying that Jesus Christ did not know what He was talking about.              
    Those admonitions of Jesus were basic, rudimentary attitudes and actions about the devil's traps of which Jesus so often taught.  For instance, He taught that they might obey laws relating to not killing anyone, knowing that someone who kills is liable to the judgment of the authorities; yet, they neglect recognizing that when Jesus said that being angry with someone is equal to killing that person, and the person will suffer the consequences brought by his anger.  They ignore Jesus, thinking that He was not being realistic.  (Matthew 5:21-22)
   Jesus was more than realistic.  He was spiritually realistic because He knew that when a person is angry that that person is sowing seeds of the devil in the earth and that person will suffer the consequences from the devil of joining the kingdom of death and destruction.   He knew that anyone who is angry will receive the judgment of the devil by having his anger returned to him and probably the person with the anger will be injured or beaten in return by the person upon whom he heaped his anger. 
    Jesus also said that anyone who insults someone will also open himself up for
the devil to take him before his council and return more than insults in the situation, probably physical injury or death.  Jesus also said that anyone who calls someone a fool, meaning a derogatory term, will be liable to the fires of hell because he will be opening the door for the devil to cause the other person to become angry, too, and both parties will inherit actions from the devil's kingdom of destruction.  (Matthew 5:21-22)
      Do you really believe that Jesus knew anything about which He spoke?  Do you really believe His words?  If so, then you will take his advice and do what He said to do when you know that you have caused someone to be angry with you.  He said to not even give your gifts of praise to Me, but for you to first go to the person and be reconciled with the person, asking forgiveness and apologizing.  (Matthew 5:23-24) It matters not if you are right.  Jesus said if anyone has anything against you that you should be reconciled with that person before you offer your gifts of praises to me. 
      During the same teaching session Jesus said that you must make friends with your accuser while you are on the way to court or you will be taken before the judge and the guard and you will be put in prison, not getting out until you have paid the last penny that you have.  All of that tragedy will be avoided if you will make peace before you get into the courts of hell where destruction and death are the court's decision.(Matthew 5:25)
      As I said, a basic attitude and action of My true children is keeping peace with everyone.  Yet, peace is seldom sought by My children.  Instead, selfish pride keeps anger alive in My children.  Religious and political fervor is preferred to My peace and kindness.
      Turning from anger and revenge is paramount to your obtaining your entire inheritance of love, peace and joy from Me which attracts earthly blessings to you.  Hearing My instructions to you and heeding them will result in your having peace, love and joy on earth, as I intended.
      I said if you love Me that you will keep My words.  Go and do likewise.
      Your Father of Forgiveness and Mercy

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