Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Dear One,
    I said through John the Baptist said that you will know whether people are motivated by Me or motivated by hell.  He said that if the life of a person does not show healthy fruit of love and kindness and if the words of a person do not produce good fruit of peace and love that it will be cut down.  I do not cut down the tree, but the devil himself cuts down the tree that produces bad fruit.  The bad fruit sows its own seeds which produce bad plants which produce bad situations and circumstances which destroy My children who consume the bitter and toxic fruit of the Sadducees and the Pharisees, the scribes and the hypocrites, who are the religious and political leaders of your day.  John called those people in the day when he walked the earth broods of vipers and told them that they must turn from their destructive ways and teachings which bring curses upon people. (Matthew 3:1-10)
     John said that his baptism for repentance was not enough to empower My  people to have kingdom living in the earth and in My heaven.  He said he only baptized for repentance, which is turning from their destructive ways, but he said that Jesus, the Christ, would baptize them with My Spirit and with fire which would allow the people to be led by Me and which would burn out the demonic spirits which motivated the people.  When a person has bound himself or herself to Me through becoming a temple of My Holy Spirit, then that person has become a healthy tree which bears good fruit in the form of beneficial thoughts, attitudes, words and actions.  The only thing that can destroy the tree which bears good fruit is if the person begins listening again to the teachings of the broods of vipers, which John called them, who sow hatred, anger, discord and division into the world.  When they listen to poisonous rhetoric and incorporate it into their lives, they will reap toxic plants from hell and wonder what went wrong. 
     My son Jesus, Himself, taught the same teaching that John the Baptist taught.  He told you that you must always be fruit inspectors, discerning the attitudes, words and actions of religious and political leaders.  If the fruit is not sweet, pleasingly pungent and if their words don't deliver peace and love to the hearer, then you must reject their words.  (Matthew 7:15-21)  You have a choice.  My Instruction Book is full of teachings about good fruit and toxic fruit.  Yet, some of  My children love to hear the words of anger and hatred which make them feel superior and powerful.  Those words are from hell and are opposite from My words which teach you to be servants of people, serving love, peace, goodness and kindness in every circumstance and every situation.  Serving includes words and actions which produce healing instead of injury to anyone.  Serving includes words which produce love for people of every race, every religion and every political persuasion instead of encouraging division and disgust for those people who believe different from you in philosophy or religion. 
     Jesus even told you the results of bonding with Pharisees, Sadducees, scribes and hypocrites.  He said that I will not be able to recognize you as My child, even though you prophesy in My name, cast out demons in My name and do miracles in My name if your fruit is toxic fruit that comes from the words from hell that come through the politicians and the religious leaders.  It is by your good fruit that you are recognized as My child, not your religious ministries done in My name. (Matthew 7:22-29)  It is by My fruit of the Spirit that you know My true children and if the fruit is loving and kind you know to listen to their words and their teachings.  Their words must instruct you to forgive your enemies, to bless those who curse you, to turn the other cheek when insulted or hit by someone, to refuse to avenge yourself, to feed the hungry, to give drink to the thirsty and to visit the people in prison; for, in doing those things, you do them to Me.  In other words, you must be a servant of people, as I teach you to be, instead of a ruler over people, which the devil teaches you to be through religious and political leaders.  The devil teaches exclusion, division and domination in order for him to be able to sequester people together, dividing them from the real fruit of My Spirit which is evident through those who are My true followers instead of followers of the false gods of religion and politics.
     Become fruit inspectors.  Reject toxic, divisive, angry fruit from the mouths of people, those who call themselves by My name and those who do not.  If you consume unkind, hate-filled words and adopt those attitudes, you will remove yourself from your rightful inheritance which is delivered to those who honestly display the fruit of My Spirit of love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, mercy, faithfulness, patience and forbearance.
     My true fruit inspectors do not condemn others who have rotten fruit.  They merely reject the fruit and pray for the diseased person who has grown the fruit.  My children who listen to My Holy Spirit and take His advice will have kingdom living while in the earth.  Those who do not, being those who consume toxic words and adopt those attitudes will inherit the devil's destruction and death because they did not discern good fruit from bad fruit. 
     It is My pleasure to give you My kingdom while you live in the earth.  Make it your pleasure to be an efficient fruit inspector who discerns good from evil, only consuming words which edify you and others, thus building you into My tree of life, offspring of Mine through your having the fruit of My Holy Spirit.
     Your Father of All Good       

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